Make Your Credit Card An Investment

Make Your Credit Card An Investment

Investing is a really difficult activity. There are so many things that you have to do in order to achieve excellent returns from your investment. One of them is thorough research. You will have to do a lot of researching before you can finally land on that feature that is worth investing in. Secondly, you have to drop a number of your expenses so that you can keep your investment running. There are so many things that you spend money on that you most probably do not even use. The first rule of investment dictates that you drop these expenses with immediate effect.

Make Your Credit Card An Investment

Investing with your Credit Card

This might sound like such an oxy-moron but you can actually invest even when you have a credit card. It is a common misconception that if you want to invest, you should drop all your credit cards. Well, this is not exactly the case. There are so many things that you can invest in even when you have a credit card. On top of that, investing in a credit card is also a very smart idea. You are probably seated there wondering how you can invest in a credit card.

The most recent development in the world of credit is crowdsourcing. People come together for a common goal. Now, there is the crowd sourced credit card that is such a popular hit across the globe. This is an investment that anyone who wants to own a credit card while still making money should consider. It is one of those cards that you can get paid to use. How cool is that, right? You get paid to use your credit card!

Credit Card Crowdsourcing

Basically, these are normal credit cards the only difference is that the cardholders set the terms of use of the card. You read it correctly. As a cardholder, you can take part in the policymaking process. A group of people come together to set the terms and conditions for using the credit card including the interest rates to the late-payment penalties. You can reduce the merchant service costs by creating terms that direct to this. The issuing bank does not set the rules. This is totally different from the traditional credit cards whereby the bank decides everything concerning the card.

At the end of it all, the bank shares the profits that they make from the cards. This is where you get to be paid to use your credit card. This is more like an incentive for the card holders to make smart decisions concerning the use of the card. After all, if they make poor decisions and losses are made then they do not get paid. There are a handful of companies dealing with these credit cards.

Evidently, it is possible to make good investments even when you still own a credit card. In fact, you can make your credit card an investment. The returns that you will get from such a credit card are guaranteedto be good.

Author Bio

Joel Houston is a financial analyst working with a credit company. He advises his clients on how to invest and reduce the merchant service costswhen using their credit cards.