Become Lean Certified Online

There’s no denying it: Times are tough, and the economy is still sluggishly moving forward in our post-recession world.
Unemployment is still up, and snagging yourself a high-paying professional career can feel more like a pipe dream than an obtainable reality.
Many people are finding that it is truly up to the would-be employees to set themselves apart from the rest and seek out experiences that can equip them for the jobs they want.
One of the best ways to better yourself and improve your overall career prospects are through obtaining higher education.
However, most people have professional and personal obligations that make it seemingly impossible to jump into a serious educational program.
But there are alternatives to the traditional college route, such as business certifications obtained online.
If you’re looking to better your business skills and build on your resume, you may want to consider becoming an advanced lean principles & tools certified employee.
Such skills will prepare you for management positions and better equip you to spot wasteful production practices and cut company expenditures, as well as meet customer needs.
Online courses and programs are a great way to get to the skills necessary to become a desirable employee. But what can an online program offer that a traditional classroom cannot?

  • Flexibility: Returning to school, whether you’re 25 or 45, is never easy, and many people cannot easily alter their schedules and commitments to accommodate higher education.

Whether you’re a mother of two looking for a way to expand your skillset or a young professional interested in honing your eye for business, online courses allow people to work around their already busy schedules.
You won’t need to worry about lecture attendance or commuting to and from your city’s local college. Rather, you can focus on your studies without the added stress of the brick-and-mortar college setting.

  • Student-focused teaching: Even though you won’t be in a traditional classroom setting, you will still be working one-on-one with an experienced instructor, receiving weekly assignments and readings and thorough assessments of your work.

The course will be truly focused on the needs of the individual student; no two students are the same, and each person learns at their own pace, in their own style.
Online programs understand this and don’t try to force students into a set mold, but rather listen to their needs so they may get the most out of their program.

  • But most of all, quality is never sacrificed: Just because you’re not in a lecture hall, it doesn’t mean you should receive a less worthwhile education.

Many renowned universities, like Purdue, offer access to their classrooms and their faculty, giving you a gateway to the best and brightest even when on a budget.
It’s never too late to better yourself and start on a path of economic success. Higher education can truly shape you into the critical thinking employee major companies seek out.
By earning advanced lean principles and tools certification, you are making yourself a more marketable hire and an indispensable staff member.
Karen manages hiring for a large firm, and knows that Lean Six Sigma training plays a major role in how she views potential employees.
She also knows how difficult it is to get advanced lean principles & tools certified. She encourages people to check out resources like to obtain these sorts of certifications and qualifications.