Cheap Website Design: Deciding On The Domain Name

As a business owner, a company manager, a group or simply an individual, you may decide that a fairly small local audience is no longer sufficient for you. You want more exposure to the world to spread your message and share information with more people, more effectively. Using the media and newspapers are ways you can do this, but even these will not get you the global exposure that you desire.
This is because a newspaper may only be circulating nationally, and a radio or television channel may only be broadcasting within the country’s borders. These methods are also very expensive. The only way to reach your goal is by using the internet. You do this by building a website, and then marketing the website to notify other people of its presence. You can then share information through the website.
The first steps
The first step in creating a website is deciding on a domain name. Also referred to as the URL, this is the name by which interested parties will find your website. There are several factors to consider before deciding on a specific URL for your website. The following are some basic tips to remember when it comes to choosing a domain name.
i.        Ensure that the name represents the business – For example, a hotel website can have a domain name like This helps your clients to associate the domain name with your website. It also makes it easier for them to visit your site whenever they need certain information.
ii.        Length – A domain name can have 67 characters. However, it is recommended that you keep the domain name short and precise, as this helps internet users to easily remember the website.
iii.        Simplicity – Do not use complex characters in creating your domain name. This is not a password that you are creating. Do not use characters such as hyphens and special symbols as users will forget to use the symbols, and could finish up on your competitor’s site.
iv.        Come up with several options – Each website has its own specific domain name, and if you decide to create a website for your hotel using the domain name you may find that it is already taken. Coming up with several options will solve this problem. You may use,, or any other related domain name.
The challenge that faces most prospective website owners when doing cheap website design is getting a domain name. Usually good domain names will have already been taken, so you need to be creative and come up with something both appropriate and unique. A final tip would be to choose the domain name before choosing the name of your website. This removes the need to conform your website to fit your unrelated domain name.
David Hamer is an online author and has had many articles published on website design.

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