Are You At Risk Of Acne?

Acne’s prevalence has been long studied by many human beings because it is one skin condition that is not dangerous but so severe that it can destroy the self esteem of a youngster or send an older person into depression. After all, the face is the part of the body one is most sensitive about. Knowing how to cure acne is as important as knowing how to prevent acne. Cure can be dealt with later but if you know the risks to the problem, it is prudent to avoid them so as to not face any hardships later on.

Risk factors of Acne (What puts you at risk?)

Research and questionnaires have been held by people who have acne and they are most common in the people who:
• Smoke
• Take emotional stress
• Have irregular Menstruation cycles
• Are pregnant
• Face puberty
• Do not fulfill nutritional requirements
• Eat too much oily foods
• Have a genetic history of acne
• Are on different types of medication
• Use medication with side effects of acne
• Have family history of acne
• Use cosmetics that are of inferior quality
These are the most common people who have acne problems.

How to deal with the risk factors

The risk factors in some of them can be altered. Those who want to avoid acne should skip smoking and turn to a healthier living lifestyle. Those who take emotional stress should try releasing their stress in several exercises or swimming because this way the effect will not come on the face but be released by the body. Menstruation cycles should be discussed with the doctor but surely, to make it regular can also happen; although this does not make much of a difference because it is fairly common to grow pimples during the menstrual period. Some people are known to have a genetic history behind the acne problem and this cannot be dealt with besides being careful since the percentage possibility of a breakout is more than others. But those that are on medication, they should discuss with a doctor of the side effects and make it a point to use one that does not have spots and pimples as a side effect.

Why these factors lead to acne?

It is most unfortunate that the face has to deal with everything, but it does. If you are stressed emotionally, the spots will come on your face. It will happen alongside the years of wrinkles you will develop. Such is the case with every other factor. It eventually all lead to showing marks on the face. Even on a medication with that side effect, the pimples will appear on the face because it is the most sensitive part of the body if you consider the skin only. It is most vulnerable to change and the atmosphere. Thus, acne develops quite easily and you have to be really careful.

Ways of taking care of the skin to prevent Acne

• Be careful in avoiding any act that could lead to acne
• Drink a lot of water
• Try washing the face so it does not become too oily
• Do not keep the skin too dry either
• Use a face wash that suits your skin
• Know your skin type and deal with it accordingly


In the end, it is all up to what you do. There are a hundred reasons how you can have acne and a thousand ways of how to prevent the acne. It is completely up to you how take care of the situation and how to make sure it turns out in your favor. The glass can either be half empty or half full. It is better to keep it half full and turn to the taking care of side rather than dealing with it later on side. It’s the face you’re talking about. Finally, do remember that, fortunately, there are quite a few good “all-natural” acne therapy systems or kits available in the market that really help you prevent acne in the first place even if you are high risk. All you need to do is make a wise and informed decision after doing careful research.
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