Business Travel Tips for Woman

Business travel takes you away from home and we understand how difficult and taxing business travel can be. While traveling for business you should be very particular about what you are carrying, as being away from home is never easy. When going on a Business trip, you tend to travel a lot due to work, so it is advisable to look for cheap tickets that help you in saving money for other luxuries demanded during business travel. However, here are some tips to make business travel where you know you’ll be slammed perhaps a bit easier.

  • Pack Light- If you need to be dressed in business attire for a meeting the same day you travel, wear it on the plane. Inquire in advance and wear clothing appropriate for your business meetings. If the trip seems to last for more than a week, carry dark clothes and accessorize them differently each day. Keep room in your bag for the shopping you will do along your way.
  • Carry your charger – Smart phones today have short battery lives and the battery dies right when you need them (and they call it smart phone). So, always carry your charger with you and plug it wherever you see a plug and let it get some extra juice.
  • Hotel Safety – Look out for a place which looks decent and never allow the desk clerk to announce your room number when giving you the room key. And even if that happens, politely ask for a new room. Remember, your safety is in your hands.
  • Travel Smart – Join a rewards program with the airline and stick with it, Use technology to plan ahead, this includes checking in and choosing your seat. While on the plane drink lots of water while flying and throughout your business trip.
  • Cut down on Shoes – It’s a usual habit among woman’s to carry lots and lots of shoes. Cut down on them, if the shoe fits, wear it and pack one pair of trainers for walking, jogging or informal occasions.

Carry rations – Chances are that your flight might get delayed or has mechanical problems, leaving you spending hours on the runway or circling in the air. Keep small packets of salty rations of peanuts or pretzels for short flights, another good option is to carry power filling bar or apple. Always travel with Nuts Over Chocolate Luna bars  and peppermint Ice Breakers gum.