The Volvo FH Fridge Trailer

Just as Eddie Stobart has become probably the only trucking company in the world to become a household name and a television celebrity in its own right (with the possible exception of Wells Fargo from the earliest Wild West cowboy shows), so the Volvo FH range of trucks are one of the unsung support actors of that fame.
Among the world of truck drivers, however, the FH is also a celebrity with immense standing. Famed for the comfort and relative luxury of the Globetrotter cab, subsequent improvements have seen the introduction of the i-shift automatic gearbox, advanced radar controlled cruise control, LKS (lane keeping support) and DAS (driver alert system).
The Volvo FH is also available in many different configurations and set-ups, including flatbed, tanker and curtain-side, but it is probably as the box car or fridge unit that it is best known in the UK, with its huge radiator grill and gently sloping front.
No serious collector of model trucks can ignore the Volvo FH whether in 1:76, 1:64 or 1:50 scale. The Eddie Stobart trucks, collectors can have the famous Volvo FH ‘Emma Jade’ with the H4663 serial number which is also available with the fridge trailer, offered in exquisite detail, but there are also many other branded models available celebrating some of the world’s most famous trucking companies.
As Eddie Stobart are now trialling the latest version of the FH, the Euro 6 with its 460 hp power plant, electronic handbrake and larger cabin, model truck fanatics will no doubt be asking when the first scaled down version will become available to keep their collections fully up to date.
Hopefully the dies are almost ready to be cast on that one.