How To Avoid Accidents In The Workplace

Accidents can often occur in the work place, be it from trips or falls, to electric shocks or burns. The workplace can be a hazardous environment for any occupation regardless whether it is construction or the office. While your employer can put safety procedures in place to ensure a safe working environment, the responsibly can often rely on you and your fellow co-workers to create a hazard free workplace. Here are some suggestions for how you can avoid accidents from happening in the workplace;

1. Place Safety Signs in Hazardous areas

One of the most common accidents that happen in the workplace. This is usually a result of wet floors or objects that are left in pathways and the floor. Not only is this dangerous for employees, but in environments such as supermarkets, it could cause accidents with customers (You would want to avoid lawsuits). Ensure that people are aware of wet areas by placing cleaning signs on damp floors and clearing pathways from obstruction.

2.  Training

Your employer should already have provide training for all members of staff regarding safety and use of equipment. This will ensure that everyone knows the proper routines and procedures to prevent accident risks. If there is a piece of equipment, or a situation you are unsure about, speak to your employer about receiving proper training.

3.  Proper Safety procedures

Do you know what to do in the event of a fire? If you own the business, you should contact a company that deals with fire assessment and safety to run a check on your building. Once you have been given guidance and instructions, you should put them in place ASAP. Implementing safety procedures will

4. Be responsible

As mentioned in the first point, if you see something that can cause a risk, take action to prevent so. This can also include reporting any issues that you feel could result in a potential accident. Problems can only be corrected if they are brought to attention.

5.  Regularly Test the Electrics

Faulty electronics can lead to fire hazards. All electrical equipment in the building needs to be tested regularly. Any electrical maintenance should be performed by skilled technicians. You should also regularly perform maintenance on other pieces of equipment to ensure that there are no faults that could cause accidents. A trained and qualified mechanic should perform checks.

6. Wear the correct Clothing

if you are working in a factory environment, you can reduce the chance of accidents happening by wearing the appropriate uniform. Ensure that you are wearing the correct safety equipment when handling heavy machinery and high heels in occupations where you have to climb latters. Your safety training should instruct you in the proper clothing for any work environment.

In conclusion, being vigilant and aware at all times regarding hazards and safety issues will reduce the risk of accidents. However, accidents can still happen even if you have followed the correct procedure. If you are in any doubt regarding safety of you and your fellow employees, consult your health and safety manager.

Harry Price is a writer and entrepreneur. He spends his weekends at the gym as a personal trainer and playing poker with his mates.