6 Tips To Help You Build An Attractive Wedding Website

Millions of individuals are getting married each year. You probably get an average of five wedding invitations per year, and most of them come via the mail. When it will be your time to do the inviting, you will want your wedding invitation to stand out. An excellent way of achieving that is by building a few wedding website with www.ucoz.com. This website will give your wedding invitation a personal touch since it will allow your family, friends and relatives to share in your joy of the engagement, ceremony, registries and reception. You can make your website unique using the following ways:
Become a story teller
Among the top questions people ask newly engaged couples is how they met and when they new he/she was the one. Instead of answering these questions at your engagement party, you can direct people to your website. To make the site interesting, try to be a good storyteller. Develop a section in your site to tell your story. People want to hear the juicy details of how you met, when you met, how he proposed and what ring he gave you. Do not be afraid to get a little sentimental.
Use plenty of pictures
An attractive wedding site has plenty of pictures. Nothing shows that you are a happy couple more than a cute picture of you two kissing for the first time and staring to each other after your engagement party. Some relatives and friends from both sides might have not seen your better half, so you can use photos to show off. You can also put a few photos of close family members from both sides.
Reception and ceremony information
Your wedding site should have the reception information. Sure, there are countless venues out there for wedding receptions but you picked yours for a reason. Do not feel shy to share with your guests on the site why that location is special to you. Include a few great photos of the venue and a small description. You can even give your guest a link to Google maps for the directions.
Give links to your registries
Post links to the registries on your site to avoid the headache of dealing with numerous calls regarding your registries, where the stores are and so forth. You can also use some programs to create an Amazon wish list to aid your guests get a better deal. If you do not want gifts, you can also give a link to your favorite charities.
Add a musical touch
Music plays a vital role in making your wedding different from the rest. You should share your playlist on the site to give guests an idea of what you will be playing, you can also ask them to post songs they would like to listen to during the ceremony.
Maintain the website after the wedding
When building a website for your wedding, you should keep in mind that it will go beyond the wedding day. Your close friends and family members will still want to know details of your honeymoon.  How you are adjusting to your new life. Eventually, you can turn it into a family website if you wish. You can update friends and family about the next big thing in your life such as a new place, job, baby etc.