Traveling With Kids: The Wedding Edition


So, with that joyful day approaching, might I ask you, are you nervous? Yes, it is your little sister’s big day, but, you need to mind your own worries in order for everything to be perfect. Due to the fact that your children are going as well, an adorable little flower girl, and a charming little page boy, this makes thing a bit complicated. But don’t worry, it is something that can easily be overcome, just follow these simple rules, and prepare for a wedding will truly be unforgettable.

Preparation and Packing

Make a list of the things you might need for the wedding. Formal clothing is obligatory, and make sure it is cleaned and ironed, neat and ready for the ceremony. Some good advice would be ordering fresh and clean outfits for flower girls and page boys, and sending the outfits via a courier service, directly to the wedding venue, so that it doesn’t get lost or wrinkled. Also, browse the Internet and find out what the weather will be like on the big day, and pack your clothes accordingly. In order to reduce stress which may lay upon your children, have a conversation with them. Tell them what they will be doing, but stress that if they do something wrong, it’s not the end of the world. Tell them how you will be there, you will all have fun, and there is nothing to worry about.

Traveling With Kids: The Wedding Edition


Whether you are traveling by plane or by car, make sure you took supplies for the trip. Water, snacks, everything you might need, and in addition, anti-nausea pills, as most children suffer from car sickness. Avoid giving your children a gaming console and forgetting about them. Use this prolonged time to engage them in conversation, sing, or discuss the landscape you are currently passing through. On the other hand, there are plenty of road trip games and activities you can bring along to make sure they always have something to do. Car time is excellent bonding time. The kids will appreciate you spending the time with them, for it will seem as though you are equals.


Upon arrival, make sure that your children don’t wander off, they are of a curious nature and you don’t want to lose them and spend fretful hours searching for them, only to find them in the kitchen, pillaging the chocolate cake. Ask them for help instead, keep them near and once again go through the ceremony. During the ceremony itself, make sure you stay within their sight, so they will feel confident, and even if they mess something up, don’t punish them, they are under great pressure, so have some tolerance. At the celebration, you can let them run loose a bit, but only outdoors, away from the busy waiters. When they feel sleepy, don’t ignore them, say goodbye to the newlyweds, and head to your accommodation.

So with everything said taken into consideration, use this opportunity to become closer with your kids, and to give them one of their first opportunities to take up some form of responsibility, and they will be grateful to you later. By doing this right, their confidence will be boosted, and this will pay out sooner or later. For you, this is the chance to test yourself and your parenting, with results immediately apparent. Ultimately, wedding parties are meant to be fun, and they are a great occasion to meet some distant family members you don’t see that often. Kids might be a handful, but they will also make any longer trip even more worthwhile, you’ll see!