Great Ways To Find Love

Great Ways To Find Love

We all dream of finding the great love, the one who makes you grow up and see life in pink! Follow our advice to meet the soul mate!

Great Ways To Find Love

1. Use a winning formula

After analyzing what works in matrimony sites, Richard Wiseman, a professor from the UK, came to the following conclusion: the important thing is to make sure that 70 percent of the information is about yourself and that 30 percent is about the type of person you are looking for. “Personal ads are a matter of psychology,” he says. You have 25 words to make a good impression, that’s all. Therefore, you must select the right words. For flash meetings, it is, according to him, to ask general questions, accompanied by a touch of humor to lighten the mood.

2. Adopt the spirit of chivalry when you first meet

No matter who initiates the first meeting, the experts on decency say that the man should always pay the bill (for same-sex couples, this gallantry goes to the person who launches the invitation).

Tip: if you are a woman attending your first meeting and the man does not seem to suggest that he will pay the bill, take a walk around the toilet. If he still has not paid on your return, offer to share the bill. If he accepts, then you will know that he is not for you.

3. Do a simple test

To find out what kind of people you are dealing with, ask him to fold his hands together and superimpose the thumbs: if the left thumb is over the right thumb, then you are dealing with someone who likes activities of an intuitive, spatial and visual nature (right hemisphere of the brain), if not, you can deduce that she likes activities related to logic, language and analysis (left hemisphere of the brain) .

4. Be careful if it’s a romantic relationship at work

A fifth of dating is done at work. In addition, the announcement of a new relationship at work usually spreads like wildfire and some of them are poorly perceived. Here are some practical tips that will help you manage your relationship in the workplace:

Make sure you are serious enough about your coworker to take that risk. Discuss together whenever you have the opportunity (during social activities, for example). If you believe that the situation is only temporary and has no future, put an end to it.

Never let a relationship hurt your work.

Make sure the feelings are reciprocal: paying excessive or unhealthy attention can be seen as sexual harassment.Do not talk to the Human Resources Department, because even if it is understanding, the repercussions of such a situation may not be to your advantage.

If the relationship is serious, one of you must be willing to leave work, especially if you both work in the same department.