5 Reasons Your House Needs To Have The Right Ventilation

Ventilation is very important in a property of any size. Although all windows can be left open, this isn’t the only option available because there are many ventilation systems which can have a positive effect on a family home or a business’s premises. More homes in the UK are now considering improving the ventilation within their properties as it can improve health. Here’s why investing in ventilation services is a step in the right direction of improving a property:

Mould cannot Build

When moist air remains in a bathroom, utility room or other wet rooms, it can settle on cold surfaces as condensation. If condensation stays in wet rooms, mould can build. A lot of damage can be caused by mould. Not only is it unsightly but it also poses health risks by exacerbating asthma. When a property has mould, it also produces a horrible smell. By having an extractor fan fitted in a bathroom or where a washing machine and a tumble dryer is, mould won’t be an issue.

Temperature is Maintained

Although a window can provide adequate ventilation, it can affect the temperature. In the winter, windows can stay closed. Thanks to a whole house heat ventilation system, moist air is replaced with fresh air and there isn’t a significant dip in temperature.

Fresh Air is Provided to All Rooms

When a property is ventilated, it will feel very fresh. If stale air remains in a property, such as one which is left empty for a while in-between tenants, it will have a potent odour. By choosing a company that specialises in ventilation, all rooms will constantly be provided with fresh air. When tenants move in, their new home won’t be musty and they’ll soon start to settle in.

Humidity Levels are Managed

Humidity can damage a property. It can crack skirting boards and wall paint. When a property is north and south facing, it gets a lot of sun which can increase humidity and be very uncomfortable. When it is ventilated properly, a family home is more bearable even when temperatures reach record levels.

Dust is Prevented from Settling

Every home gets dusty. When there is a constant supply of fresh air in a property, not as much dust will settle on furniture and wooden surfaces. Dust mites do pose a risk to health, such as young children. By having ventilation installed in a family home or a business’s premises, not as much dust has to be cleaned. When there is less dust to breathe in, it won’t cause an irritation to those that have allergies. During the summer, the pollen count can be very high which can affect hay fever sufferers but, through decent ventilation, such inconvenience won’t happen at all.

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