5 Highest Paying Medical Careers For Computer Nerds

Most health care careers generally entail shift work however, after establishing a sense of superiority many employees are afforded the option of choosing the shift that is the most convenient for them. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to become a doctor to earn a high paying salary in the medical field. Advancement in technology and an aging population has enabled these careers to flourish within the last decade.
Pharmacists – Salary: $106,630
Pharmacist must be very familiar with the alignment and probable effects of communal prescribed medicines and treatments. The majority of adults over the age of 50 have at least one chronic illness that is predominantly managed by the aid of medication and standard related changes.
It is the duty of the pharmacist to remain well versed knowledge pertaining to prescription, provide adequate counseling and thorough advisement with the patient in terms of medicine use. Consequently, a pharmacist may be the care taker of a patient for a number of decades.
Educational requirements: A pharmacist is required to complete two years of undergraduate science coursework, pass a pharmaceutical college admission exam, and then successfully complete for a four-year post graduate pharmacy program. The pharmacist is expected to obtain a doctoral degree in pharmacy (Pharm.D.).
Physician Assistants – Salary: $84,830
The demand for physician assistants is anticipated to increase within the next decade, particularly in rural areas. As a physician assistant, you may be expected to adequately complete tasks entailing consultation, treatment provision, conduction of complete and finalized physicals, as well as routinely prescribed medication.
Educational requirements: Though not required, it is strongly recommended that physician assistants obtain a college degree form an accredited institution prior to seeking health-related work. Upon passing the obligatory national exam and receiving certification, physician assistants are required to complete 100 hours biannually in order to keep their knowledge current as well as become recertified every six years. Ongoing education is very critical in this field.
Radiation Therapists – Salary: $77,340
The duties of a radiation therapist consist of evaluating diagnostic and x-ray reviews. They are also required to provide prescribed medication, prepare equipment and ensure records are accurately conserved.
This career choice is best for people who are comfortable with the notion of being affiliated with a medical team focused on fighting off potentially fatal illnesses like cancer. The majority of patients radiation therapists interact with on a day to day basis have been diagnosed with potentially serious health conditions, thus having a sympathetic personality is very important.
Educational requirements: A bachelor’s degree is preferred, however and Associates Degree, or license in radiation therapy are also acceptable. Radiation therapists are highly encouraged to attain a degree in science related coursework.
Physical Therapists – Salary: $76,220
Physical therapists are required to evaluate the needs of every individual patient as well as consolidate and carry out a program that will further assist them during the rehabilitation process. Physical therapists must have the ability to be both sympathetic and stern with their patients in order to provide the necessary help for struggling patients. In this way, the patients will be able to discover they’re own inner strengths and capabilities.
Educational requirements: Physical therapists are obligated to attain a Bachelors degree (preferably a Bachelors of Science degree) from an accredited institution.
Occupational Therapists – Salary: $70,680
The role of an occupational therapist entails assisting people while they recover from accidents and or serious illnesses. Patients commonly need support with relearning everyday tasks that might involve walking for example. Communal injuries include loss of senses, limbs, or functionality.
Educational requirements: Occupational therapists are required to be nationally certified in addition to having a Masters degree from an accredited institution.

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Trina Alexander is a hospital administrator and guest author at Health Information Management, where she contributed to the guide to the Best Online Health Information Management Degree Programs.