Muscle Building Myths

Just as in every other facet of life, the fitness world has its own list of commonly believed fallacies. Not only can muscle building myths keep you from maximizing your potential at the gym, some of them can also directly hinder your performance. While some of these myths are unfounded, many were initially based on scientific facts which were either misinterpreted or have been disproved as science has advanced over the years.
There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Protein
Most people know that protein intake is a key factor in muscle growth. Fitness message boards are inundated with posts about protein, how much is needed and the best ways to increase the amount your body takes in daily. One of the most common muscle building myths is that the more protein you consume the more muscle you will develop. While most people struggle to get the daily recommended level of protein, there is definitely such a thing as to much. If you are actively working on increasing muscle size, between 1 and 1.25 grams of protein per pound of body weight is all you need. For a 200 pound male, this would be between 200 – 250 grams per day. Consuming too much protein will cause your body to break the excess down. This will either be excreted with no benefit to you or will be stored in your body just as fat would be, thus being counterproductive to your muscle building goals.
The More You Work Out, The Quicker You’ll See Results
A dangerous one of the muscle building myths is that pushing yourself too hard will show results sooner. Yes, it is important to be constantly pushing your body’s endurance, but there will be a time when enough is enough. Experienced lifters often will complete a repetition until failure. There is a fine line between pushing your muscles as far as they will go, and pushing them past that point. If you’re just beginning to work out regularly, spending six hours a day in the gym will cause more harm than good.
Big Sets Of Crunches Will Mean Better Abs
While there is definitely some truth in the muscle building myth, your diet is going to be the biggest determining factor in your abdominal region. Sure, crunches and sit-ups will make your midsection more muscular, but an unhealthy diet will leave those muscles covered and hidden under a layer of fat. Combine your daily crunches with a healthy diet provided by the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program and you are bound to see a much greater improvement in your abdominal region.
Supplements Are A Bad Thing
Many health conscious people view nutritional supplements as a “legal type of steroid” and this one of the muscle building myths will ultimately hinder you reaching your growth goals. While there are some supplements that are not healthy for you, many common ones such as creatine and taurine are naturally created by your body in the first place. As long as you follow the recommended dosages for healthy supplements you will see substantially increased results without the risk of harm to your body.
Supplements Are A Necessity
Although many people hold the opinion that supplements are bad and should not be used, just as many people believe the muscle building myth that you need supplements in order to put on muscle mass and see the growth you desire. While it is true that the majority of professional bodybuilders and dedicated amateur gym enthusiasts will use supplements, they are far from a requirement. A balanced diet, combined with dedication to working out will provide you with the results that you are after. Sure, supplements will help speed up this processes and allow you to maximize your results, but it is entirely one of the muscle building myths to think that you cannot improve your body without them.
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