Installing A New Bathroom Can Boost Your Property Value

According to recent research carried out by UK newspaper The Telegraph, renovating your bathroom or even installing a new one can add a considerable sum to the value of your property. It is thought that a bathroom that does not require any work is so attractive that it can add between 8-10% to the value of a property in London, and up to 5% across the rest of the country.

Making the most of what you have

At the very least, if you are considering selling your home your bathroom should look both fresh and hygienic. If natural light is a problem, use mirrors to boost the available light and paint the walls off white, or another bright colour to reflect the light which does make it into the room. Similarly, if the lighting provided by your fitting does not quite cut the mustard, changing your fitting to a three bulb halogen unit can give the electric light a decent chance of making a good effect.

In terms of bathroom facilities, it is generally expected that at least one bathroom in the house will have a shower. Whilst many homes don’t really have the space for a bath and separate shower enclosure, a shower can be easily fitted over your bath. If you don’t know which sort of shower you will need to install based on the water pressure system in your house, it is best to have a chat with a local plumber to check whether you will need an electric shower, or you can use a shower fed direct from your boiler.

Next, if your sanitaryware within the bathroom is chipped or stained, or is in a highly unfashionable colour such as avocado or chocolate brown, it is wise to consider choosing from the many new bathroom suites available. It is possible to purchase a new bathroom suite from an online retailer such as from around £320, and this will instantly transform your bathroom. Remember, in this case it is best to present a room which looks like it will need little or nothing done to it by the person buying and moving into your home. Keep decoration neutral as far as possible.

Installing A New Bathroom Can Boost Your Property Value

Adding a New En Suite Bathroom

If your home is big enough, adding an en suite bathroom to your master bedroom can help make your home even more attractive to potential buyers. When a family gets to the size when one bathroom won’t cut it, and the mornings are constantly becoming a battleground over precious ablution times, they will almost certainly be looking for a second bathroom to make life generally easier.

Rather than just putting a shower enclosure into the airing cupboard, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind, such as ensuring adequate drainage, ventilation and insulation within the en suite bathroom. Consulting with a local builder or architect should give you an early indication as to whether or not this idea is likely to be feasible.