What You Need To Know About Laser Eye Surgery

It seems nowadays that you can have almost any qualm or issue you have with your body rectified through a surgical procedure. While many times these are issues that can be resolved in other manners, they are not always as quick as a surgical procedure. However, in a world of every kind of implant or removal you can think of, there are still some procedures that, while they are not medically necessary, can greatly improve your life. Having corrective eye surgery, otherwise known as LASIK, is one such procedure. Before making an appointment with a laser eye surgery specialist in San Diego, here are the things you need to know about this kind of corrective measure.

What Are Some Reasons to Get Eye Surgery?

There are some medical conditions that may call for laser eye surgery, but for those seeking LASIK corrective procedures, that is not always the case. Most often the appeal and motivation behind getting this surgery done is to remove the hassle that is associated with other vision-correcting options. Wearing glasses can be uncomfortable, decrease your confidence, and can actually cause more vision issues. There are only two basic options when it comes to frames: wire or plastic, neither of which are particularly comfortable. Glasses can also make you feel self-conscious or can even create glares when driving at night, making it harder to see. Similarly, contacts have their own hassles. Lenses can tear, dry out, and get debris stuck in your eye.

I’ve Had Enough

If you have reached the point that you are no longer interested in getting new glasses or a new contact prescription time after time, LASIK may be a valid option for you. Unlike glasses or contacts that only fix your vision problems when in use, laser surgery can permanently resolve the issue. With a procedure like LASIK, the ophthalmologist will use a laser to reshape your cornea, thus resolving your issues.

Who Should Get This Surgery?

While in the past many people were excluded as candidates for LASIK (such as those who are near-sighted) advances in the field have made those exclusions a thing of the past, according to Women’s Health Magazine. Now there is a much wider demographic of those who qualify for laser eye surgery. You could be a candidate if you are:
– Are 21 years or older
– Nearsighted
– Farsighted
– Have an astigmatism

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If you are ready to take control of your vision, contact a specialist about laser eye surgery in San Diego today.
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