4 Awesome Tips and Tricks to recruit Next Generation Talent

Companies are already having their eyes on the next generation talents – even before these prospective talents graduate from college. If you are wondering why the fuss of scouting future talents as early as this, the Office of Employment Projections in the US provides a statistical answer for this. It turns out that a study revealed that most US companies will soon be short for about thirty to forty percent of their workforce owing to retirement in the coming 5 to 10 years. Recruiters are already taking an advantaged position of scouting for the next generation talents to ensure that they have the best potential candidates for their company. If you are one of them who find recruiting the next generation talent a very appealing perspective on recruitment, here are some awesome tips that could help you hook the right future talent to recruit.

4 Awesome Tips and Tricks to recruit Next Generation Talent

Use the power of social media for campus recruiting

Employers used to underestimate the power of social media but they are now surprised how it can be a powerful tool in getting significant responses to students who are already in search for a prospective job in the future. In a trial program hosted by TalentEgg, it brought employers and students together by hosting a Twitter chat to discuss specifically about retail careers. The result was very overwhelming. With a single hash tag called TEretail, it was able to produce over 1.2 million impressions, reaching about 109,131 Twitter users. Now, that is statistic speaking how powerful a social media can be effective in campus recruiting. The employers who participated in the program have demonstrated significant respect on how social media could bring a flock of students who participated in the discussion throughout the day, mostly who interested about getting a career in retail and establishing a career in general. Now, human resource professionals are banking on using the social media for campus recruiting, which offers them the best tool in disseminating information about their company or organization. Most of the next generation talents have their respective social media accounts. If you want to recruit the best young talents, you need to follow where they are therefore you should create your own company’s social media account to increase your exposure to your future talents.

Implement a mentoring program

In order to retain the next generation talents to choose your company for future employment, it is necessary to implement a mentoring program. Many companies are able to attract good next generation talents who are good prospects for future hiring, but they end up retaining none or very few of these talented individuals because many of them have already left the company’s recruitment program. Young adults are likely to look for a company that could provide them useful guidance in building their career and one that can provide them consistent mentoring in order to help them become the best that they can be in their chosen and future careers. Not only is recruiting for the next generation talent involves engaging future recruits to your program but it also needs that your company should likewise provide a mentoring program that will continue to train them in molding their talents and skills. A mentoring and training program is thus an important aspect of your recruitment process when scouting for the next generation talents. Younger talents are always seeking more room for improvement and learning and they are always looking for a company that could contribute in helping them to grow professionally in the career they want to pursue.

recruit Next Generation Talent

Recruit the parent of the next generation talent

This may sound strange but it is a trick that recruitment professionals suggest that makes sense. Since you have your eyes on the younger generation of talents, you are likely to have some difficulties in recruiting them especially when they too are being critical of looking for the best company to work for in the near future. These future recruits have their parents within their social circle and parents have a significant influence on their children’s major decision making in life, especially on the career they want to pursue. The children are most likely to give weight on their parents’ advice therefore your recruitment strategy should also be engaged on the parents of the prospective next generation talent you want to pursue of recruiting. Selling your company to the parents of your prospect recruits will essentially help you in boosting your chances of convincing the next generation talents that you are the best company for them. As you win the trust of the parents of the next generation talent, it will also be equivalent of winning your prospect candidate as well. Because you now know how valuable is the parents’ advice and in convincing their child in the decision making for their future careers, you can make your company’s work environment more accessible to your prospect recruit and their parents.

Promote your company’s work-life balance principle

While the older generation of workers does not seek so much demand about balancing their work and life until they have served more than a decade of working service in their career, you should consider that the next generation talents have a different work perspective. The younger generations are more proactive about involving their family and social life as an important part of their personal development and life growth. They value the time they spend with their loved ones and friends and they want to enjoy giving them a special part of their time alongside their career or work. Companies are beginning to recognize this kind of trend among the next generation talents and worked their way in offering them a better work-life condition when pursuing a career in their company. Right from the start, the younger talents already know what to demand from the company they will work for in the near future and wise companies already positioned their working environment as one that promotes a balance in work load while giving their employees more quality time to spend with their family. Companies who can sell their job offers to future recruits with the enticing work-life balance principle will tend to get the best next gen talents that will certainly become an asset for their company.