The Guy's Engagement Ring Guide

When you’re thinking about asking the girl of your dreams to marry you, you want everything to be perfect.  Whereas the perfect proposal will later make a nice story, the ring you give her will be a keepsake forever.  There are some things that you absolutely need to know about women in general as well as the hopeful bride-to-be before selecting the right ring.
How to get her the right engagement ring
The first thing you need to know is what will happen immediately after she says “yes.”  All of her friends, family, co-workers, friends of co-workers, and acquaintances will ask to see the ring.  Not only do you want her to love the ring, but you want everyone who asks to see it to be impressed by it as well.  Let’s face it.  Every woman loves to be able to show off a piece of jewelry that holds such special sentimental value.  The size of the ring does not matter most, but the overall look should match her personality as well as add a little extra sparkle.  You want to show her as well as everyone around her how much you care by having selected the perfect ring.
Working with a realistic budget
Moissanite engagement rings are not only a cost-effective alternative to traditional diamond rings, but moissanite also can outshine traditional diamonds. Whereas traditional diamonds made purely out of carbon are excavated from a mine, moissanite (also known as silicon carbide) is created in a lab.  These lab diamonds can give your budget the flexibility it needs to choose the right stone with the right setting.  Moissanite is widely recognized as being more brilliant than a traditional diamond and often considered more beautiful overall.
Is Moissanite a real diamond
Besides being created in a lab, moissanite has many of the same properties as a real diamond.  Both stones are of comparable strength (moissanite is actually stronger) and both are made primarily of compressed carbon.  Simply put, moissanite is a different stone than a real diamond.  However, hardly any casual spectator will be able to tell the difference.  You know your girlfriend best.  If she has expressed that she has her heart set on a real diamond, moissanite might be a good choice for jewelry purchased in the future.  The worst thing you can do is try to pass a fake diamond ring for a the real thing.  It only takes a quick trip to the jeweler to find out if the stone is a real diamond or not.  Could you imagine a worse engagement catastrophe than your fiancée spontaneously discovering that you lied about her ring?
What engagement rings are best
Think about what type of person your girlfriend is and what type of ring would be best for her.  Some women happily disclose that their new engagement rights are made out of moissanite and highlight the style, while others are more interested in having a traditional diamond.  The engagement ring should resonate with your girlfriend’s personality, your relationship, and your future together.  An engagement ring is not like any other gift or piece of jewelry.  She will likely wear that ring almost every day for the rest of her life and think of you.
Dorian Travers is a freelance blogger and an online copywriter based in Southern California. He can be reached at [email protected].