The Energy Drink Controversy

 I remember when energy started to get popular; I was in middle school and expressly forbidden from drinking them. My mother knew something that it seems people have forgotten. That is, energy drinks are terrible for you. These days’ energy drinks are all over high school and college campuses, and even in middle schools.
We are forgetting the fact these energy drinks can be dangerous when over consumed, and the long term effects of the ingredients have yet to be revealed.
Banning the Beast.
In my home state of Florida several schools have successfully voted to ban energy drinks in their schools. Energy drinks were compared to tobacco in schools, citing the overall negative effects of both substances. Energy drinks can affect heart rate, blood pressure, and even sleeping patterns in students. It is well documented that students sleep patterns have a profound effect on a student’s grades.
Both Wisconsin and New York have also placed bans on energy drinks in public schools.  In 2005 two students from Virginia were transported to the hospital for having an abnormally high heart rate. The high heart rate was tied to substance abuse, and that substance was energy drinks.
These bans in schools are building speed and have become popular with both teachers and parents. Energy drinks can make children disruptive, taking attention away from the lesson being taught. Energy drinks can cause students to crash and fail to pay attention in class.
Some colleges have begun to follow suit as well, especially over the dangerous alcoholic energy drinks like Four Loko. Four Loko has been tied to dozens of students being brought to the hospital.
Overseas give the Kick to unhealthy energy drinks.
Australia has recently refused to import the energy drink Cocaine, citing it’s high caffeine content is above their standards. This refusal to import has effectively banned it throughout Australia.
Lativia recently placed an age restriction on the purchases of energy drinks, you now must be 18 to buy and consume energy drinks.
In the United Arab Emirates restrictions have been placed on the sale of energy drinks. If you are under the age of 16 or pregnant you will to be allowed to purchase or consume energy drinks.
Chechnya has restricted sales of energy drinks to people of under the age of eighteen as well.
These bans speak for themselves. Common sense tells us these drinks are terrible for us, but sometimes we need to be reminded. I am not in favor of an all-out ban, but these drinks should not be available to children and I think most of America will agree.
Billy Doyle wrote this energy drink article on behalf of E Fact Energy: A new and scientifically designed energy supplement.