Hiring An IT Consultant Vs Hiring In-house

Let us face it, modern technology is here to stay, and changing daily. Even the smallest “mom and pop” businesses use some forms of technology whether it be a computer or smartphone. Medium to large corporations also use various forms of technology, for example networked computers, in almost every aspect of their daily operations. Technology is the reason for more efficient business transactions, and can help with survival when it comes to competition regardless of the industry the company is involved. Businesses must be realistic about their strengths and weaknesses concerning their operation and budget.

When IT Help is Required

Strategically and financially, the decision to hire a technology person or pursuing a technology consulting company is a major decision. For some it’s not a major concern, but for some businesses it is essential to have this type of expertise. There are several ways to view the necessity to hire a technology consultant. Hiring a person or firm will probably depend on the size and scale of business. A business will also need to think about whether the position temporary or permanent? They will then need to make decisions regarding whether they will be hiring a consultant, relying on an existing employee or hiring in house to fill the position.

Who to Hire?

The choice of hiring an outside firm or a full-time employee for a small business is definitely a financial concern. The pro side of having an internal employee oversee the technology issues is that it can boost staff morale to offer upward mobility within the company. On the con side, full-time employee would require full-time pay and benefits, which is a large investiment for a small company. Plus, if a poor hiring decision is made and the skill level of the new employee is not what was expected, the process of making the new hire will end up costing the company more in the long run. As a result, it is definitely less risk to hire outside help and go with an IT Consultant.

IT Consultant or In-House Hire?

An outside consulting firm will provide a company with a contractual arrangement. As previously mentioned, the pros of an outside consulting person or firm is there isn’t long-term burden on the budget to pay salary and benefits. When someone from a firm is hired, a company is guaranteed the consultant is a trained professionals in the field. For this reason, work is guaranteed and the infrastructure is not damaged. Consultants are also very knowledgeable on the up-to-date changes in technology. In many situations, you will also have the option to have the consultant come in and train your existing staff. The con is finding the right company that fits the need of the business but with a little research, this is very achievable.

The Final Decision

The optimal situation for any size company is to maintain productivity without any downtime. Technology is constantly changing, and companies want the most for their dollar that can maintain their systems professionally and accurately. Amateurs are not cost-efficient. The best evaluation method is examine the company business plan, network with other businesses in the industry, then research and interview the best consultant that best fits the needs of the company.
This article was written by Sarah Smith and provided on behalf of Ion Technology Group (iontg.com), a technology consulting company in South Jersey.

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