Stunning Car Accidents Caught On Video

It’s a poorly-guarded secret that the real cause of many traffic jams is not the jam itself; rather, it is the reaction people have to whatever it is that caused the initial jam. When a minor car accident slows up traffic, it’s often not because more lanes of traffic are blocked but because people are “rubbernecking” – slowing down and watching the scene unfold – as they drive past.
There’s something about car accidents that seems to draw our attention and fascination. Of course, there’s the element of all-too-real human drama that sometimes unfolds to tragic proportions. But accidents aren’t just about the human drama; they’re also about our inherent desire to get a glimpse of something out of the ordinary.
It’s no wonder, then, that car accidents caught on video have caught not only the Internet’s attention but also your attention. Let’s take a look at some stunning car accidents caught on video.

  1. A Lane Ends too Quickly

This accident is a clear example of just how quickly a driver can have the rug pulled out from under him. For most of the video, it seems as if everything is going well. But as the video progresses, and the viewer realizes that there’s no escaping the large truck to the right, an element of danger is introduced that culminates when the driver is unable to hit the brakes fast enough to avoid the impending disaster.
Perhaps what’s most stunning about this video is how it seems that this is the kind of accident that could happen to even the best of drivers. It serves as a stunning warning to be cautious and alert at all times.

  1. Asleep at the Wheel as a Bus Approaches

If you don’t think that your car can get into a lot of trouble on a road that is less traveled than a highway, think again. This video is a chilling reminder of just how quickly your day can take a very bad turn. A woman was reportedly asleep at the wheel when her car went into oncoming traffic.  She was unable to avoid hitting a bus head on. Luckily, no one died as a result of this accident. We say “luckily” as others could certainly not be so fortunate.
What’s interesting about this video is how quickly the car becomes totaled even though the accident did not occur at a highway speed. This should certainly drive home the fact that we often underestimate the danger of the speed at which we travel on side roads.

  1. The Dangers of Black Ice

This highway accident reveals just how quickly things can change even when you think that you are driving safely. Watch the opposing traffic as this car moves down the highway. Black ice was apparently the culprit in sending this truck across the median and into the next lane. It’s a stunning scene that reveals just how dangerous driving in winter conditions can really be, even for seasoned drivers like the driver of this truck.

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Chris Turberville-Tully works for HR Owen, a dealership offering used Rolls Royce, and other luxury cars including such brands as Audi, Aston Martin, and Bentley.