Decorating Your Beach Home To Exhibit Simplicity And Effortless Style

The very word ‘beach’ rings memories of fun and a bright sunny day to most people’s minds. When you have a beach home, it is almost as if you’ve won your way to half of heaven. However, keeping it in good shape or rather having the décor a merger of style and elegance also means maintenance is a crucial factor. It would be no fun to have an intricate décor if hours have to be devoted to keeping it clean. A touch of simplicity and effortless style is what matters when setting to the task of decorating it.

A few quick pointers

    • Be color careful. Blues, greens and whites are shades that tend to suit most themes and give a more relaxed look. Orange and red are harder to pull off and too much of them draw away attention from finer details.
    • Keep your eyes open and see what your friends and neighbors are up to when it comes to doing up their own beach houses. Copying or mimicking their designs isn’t the aim here. Rather it’s important to have an idea of what styles and themes ‘go’, and which should be avoided. Learning from mistakes of others can save you from repeating them.
    • Nick-knacks and old toys of your kids can be placed on window valences. You can have shells placed on the coffee table and coasters that have dried leaves of flowers framed within.

  • Keep in mind a theme so that there won’t be a décor clash once you start. It shouldn’t too easily turn stale nor should it be too prominent. It should also bring out your personal tastes.

Bring in the sunshine

Having a large airy and cheerful room filled with sunshine is an instant mood maker. It will also make your rooms look warmer and full of life. Get the best of windows especially if they boast of a good view. Emphasize on them with decorative curtains fringed with lace or ribbon and have a few window boxes or potted plants. You can also have a glass bottle filled with sand and shells. Have decorative stones placed on the ledge.

Practical and yet perfect

Light shaded walls make rooms seem brighter and more open. Green is best and you can compliment and contrast it with pink and yellow cushions on armchairs made of wicker wood. Wicker is low on maintenance and thus, ideal for a beach house. Natural wood floors covered with a few rugs at some points will add a slightly oriental air. Carpets aren’t such a good idea as they are harder to keep clean.

Bright and beautiful

The living room area can be a rainbow of hues. Keep the coffee table in plain white and have a fish shaped rug thrown under. A large settee strewn with bright cushions and a framed art piece on the wall behind will add vibrancy and coziness. To save space in the bedroom and for a more spacious look, keep nesting tables and most furniture near white walls.

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Lyla is a housewife and part time Interior Designer. She believes in perfection and small changes which can add decor. She says “Having a designer curtain rod and shower curtain also can be a piece of decor for your bathroom.”