Frigid Winter Predicted: Tips For Staying Cozy & Warm

Winter is fast approaching. What is your favorite cold-weather activity? Do you like to curl up next to the fireplace with a good book? Or are you one who likes to go outside to play in the snow? Maybe you love a winter getaway that includes activities like skiing or snowboarding? Whatever you like to do in the winter, you will need to find ways to stay warm. With a particularly frigid winter predicted this year, here are some stay-warm tips.
Keeping your house warm
In order to stay warm while indoors, you need to keep your house maintained. You want your house to stay warm without running up the electric bill. Make sure storm windows are completely closed so that cold air does not leak in. Check that your doors and windows are weatherized and that your heating system is maintained with a fresh filter. Setting you system on “auto” instead of “fan” will ensure that the heat does not run constantly. If you have a fireplace, utilize it. Again, make sure it is well maintained; have your chimney checked and cleaned by a chimney sweep. Old scraps of wood or some old, rolled-up newspapers make for inexpensive kindling. Just make sure you open the damper when using the fireplace to avoid filling the house with smoke. Close it when it is not in use to avoid loss of heat through the chimney.
Keeping yourself warm when indoors
If you like staying in when it’s cold, consider curling up with a mug of hot cocoa (or hot tea or coffee, whatever your preference might be) and a nice cozy blanket or throw. A warm electric blanket can keep you snug on a chilly night. A warm bath or shower can also help you fight the chill and can be a good way to relax. Then put on some comfy slippers (or invest in some rugs) so your feet don’t get too cold. Cuddling with your special someone (or your dog) can also add warmth.

When you have to step outside or want to play in the snow, dress in warm layers. Start with thermal underwear and maybe a comfy sweater. Add some warm socks, a good winter coat and snow pants. Your outer layer should be waterproof and windproof for maximum cold protection. Wool and fleece keep you warm without adding a lot of weight. You’ll also need a good pair of waterproof snow boots.
To keep your hands warm, make sure you wear a good pair of gloves. A nice set of heat warmers can also help keep your hands toasty.
Make sure to top it all off with a good hat. You lose heat through the top of your head, so a warm hat that covers your ears can help to keep your head and body warm. If you don’t want to use the hat to help keep your ears warm, you could try a set of ear muffs.
Whatever winter activity you enjoy, be prepared and heed these tips to help you stay warm. Then sit back, relax, and sing “Let it Snow” because you are sure to be toasty warm.

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