Do Innovations Really Make Us Lazier?

We humans have become the “I want it now” species, at least those of us who live in developed nations. Whatever we want, we are using technology to get it faster and more efficiently. We order our pizzas online; we do our Christmas shopping online; we communicate with our friends via technology; we turn our appliances on and off remotely; and God help us if the TV remote goes missing. What may appear at first glance to just us wanting speed and efficiency, may, in fact, be our increasing levels of laziness. Maybe we just want things without having to do any work to get them. And technology is allowing us to do just that. Consider all of the ways in which technology takes care of our needs and desires without our having to leave our chairs. (
Do Innovations Really Make Us Lazier

  1. We have a whole world of entertainment before us. No need to go to a live concert – just live stream it; no need to go to the movie theatre – wait until it is available via any number of websites or movie channels; download music – no need to go to the store to buy the CD; conduct all the research you want on any topic and read any book without going to the library.
  2. We can touch base with family and friends on social media or through video chat – everyone looks fine and everyone is doing fine – no need to go for a visit. 
  3. We can show off our new apartment and furniture without having to invite people over and actually cook a meal.
  4. We have no need to go to a restaurant. GrubHub will tell us all of the nearby restaurants that deliver and will even categorize them into types of cuisine. We check out the menus online, place an order and wait for the doorbell to ring.
  5. We can buy virtually anything online from anywhere in the world. No more malls crowded with teenagers bumping into you because they are on their phones, and no more dealing with waiting in checkout lines. And if we want to return an item. The postal service will pick it up – just schedule the pickup online.
  6. We don’t even have to wrap gifts anymore. Just send a gift card via email.
  7. We can order up cleaning and handyman services on an as-needs basis; there is even an app that will wait on hold when we have to call an 800 number, and it will notify us when a live person is finally answering. Better yet, any companies have a call-back service. Just place the call, hang up, un-pause that TV show, and wait for them to call you back.
  8. Even our appliances are getting smarter. Washers and dryers have now eliminated the need for ironing clothes. And if we can’t afford that, we can afford to have our clothing picked up, cleaned and delivered back to us.
  9. Grocery shopping is now an online event. And if there is not a grocery store that allows you to order online and delivers, that okay. You can order up a service that will do that time-consuming chore for you.
Is technology wonderful? You bet it is. (  But if we do not re-engage with the real world, get some exercise, get some face-to-face time with others, and actually get up off of that chair, yes, we have succumbed to laziness.
Posted by Dianna Labriean proffesional academic writer.