Non Pull Harnesses: Making Walkies Enjoyable For Both You And Your Dog

There is no worse feeling than taking your much-wanted dog out for your first walk together, to discover that she has not yet grasped the concept of obedience. This is understandable if she is still a puppy, but if you decided to opt for an adult dog, maybe from a rescue centre or a dog charity, you may have expected her to understand the idea of walking to heel.
Walks can become a chore that need to be completed as quickly as possible, and this is not a healthy situation for either of you.
How non pull harnesses can help
By using a non pull harness you are effectively preventing your dog from using her full strength to pull you along. You take control of where she walks by gently guiding her using a training aid that cannot hurt her, unlike choke chains, so that even if she is a fully grown dog she can quickly learn how to walk to heel, and obey your commands.
Fits any size of dog
Whether you have a terrier or a german shepherd, you can buy a non pull harness to fit any size. They are designed with comfort in mind, in addition to control, and many harnesses of this type incorporate padded fleece ‘sleeves’ to prevent rubbing, and a mesh design that allows unrestricted movement.
Freedom of movement for your dog is an important consideration on long walks, as if they feel restricted their walks will be less enjoyable, and they will not be as willing to get the daily exercise they need.
Security and safety
Non pull harnesses are often fitted with an in-built security system that enables you to keep your dog safe by being in total control on your walks. You can clip the lead to your dog’s back, but if you clip it in front of the chest you will gain more control, and she will not be able to pull you.
Every dog should have at least one interesting walk each day, so finding a training aid that will keep both dog and owner happy should be a priority. You will not go far wrong with a no pull harness, and you can relax in the knowledge that your dog is comfortable and not restricted.
Owning a dog is a serious commitment that affects your everyday life. You have to find time in your busy day to give the dog the exercise it needs, and in doing so have the opportunity to improve your own fitness levels and general health.
David Hamer is an online author and expert on pet-related topics.