It's All About The Sofa: Great Home Improvements, Great Sofas

A Sofa is a vital and functional piece in the living room, a piece that defines, enhances and improves the interior of a living space, and more importantly a piece that offers comfort and relaxation. The sofa functions both for comfort and for style, and if you have the goal of improving your home, choosing the right sofa is a basic and vital step.
Choosing the Right One
There is a long list of factors to be considered when choosing the right sofa, but every buyer must keep in mind that style, comfort and functionality should be number one on this list. To guide through the delicate process of choosing the right piece, here are some of the things you might want to consider.

1. The Function

What purpose would the sofa serve? Is it for a family room or for a play room? How many people would have to sit there? Do you have pets or kids, and how much effort do you think you would be putting to maintain the sofa? Evaluating your lifestyle and the purpose the sofa would serve to fit this lifestyle is an important factor to consider. If you don’t have much room, there are sofas that have built-in storage in them for additional space, if you are into welcoming guests overnight, a sofa bed would be functional.

2. The Size

Measure first before you shop for sofas. If your living room is small, you can consider buying 2 small sofas and 1 large one with some armchairs, this would be more flexible. To determine the size of your sofa, you can simply lay a newspaper on the floor. This would give you a rough estimate on how much space the sofa would take.

3. The Style

The sofa style would again be based on what suits your taste and lifestyle best. If you’re the type that likes to relax and lie down, a sofa with lots of loose cushions and one with low arms would be best. If you are the formal type and would like support when seated, upright sofas with back cushions would be good. For small spaces, sofas with narrow arms give an illusion of a compact piece, having one to two cushions give it a clean modern look, while three gives a traditional feel.

4. The Fabric

Different fabrics call for different functions.

  • Tightly Woven Fabrics- would wear best and those with woven patterns will retain their exterior better than the printed ones.
  • Smart Stripe or Classic Styles- better options than patterned sofas as these can be outdated quickly
  • Wool- resilient  and spring and naturally resilient to stains
  • Chenille-hard wearing and soft
  • Velvet- has a warm, luxurious texture
  • Linen- durable, crisp and cool
  • Cotton-great for blending with other colors and fabrics

5. The Filling

Sofas filled with foam give a firm appearance and feel, it also holds shape well. Cushions that are filled with feathers are comfortable and soft, and often have a casual look. However, these fills would need regular plumping.
This article is contributed by Amy White, a writer of numerous articles on home improvements, interior design, and furniture. Amy White helps readers by writing guides on how to choose furniture pieces and how to style them according to lifestyle, function and comfort.