Alarm System Won't Let The Car Start

Alarm System Won’t Let the Car Start
Car alarm systems have become increasingly complex in recent years, to the extent that they can be made to perform some quite sophisticated actions. Many new cars are fitted with alarms that include immobilisers and tracking systems, making them extremely effective. The thinking is that the more impressive the alarm system is, the less attractive the car becomes to the thief. However, statistics show that the car most likely to be stolen is a BMW 5-series, and these come with quite sophisticated systems. Many of these, and other luxury models, are believed to be stolen ‘to order’.
If your alarm system won’t let the car start then you have a good alarm fitted. However, if you are having trouble getting your car started when you believe the alarm is inactive then you may have a problem. Many such systems include immobilisers that work with the electronic key fob. Unless the correct key is inserted, and the system recognises it, the car will not start. Problems can arise when the batteries run out in the fob, when the electronics in the fob become damaged by water, or when interference is experienced from other radio-wave devices.
In all such cases there is a good reason to call out an auto-electrician, who will be able to help you with your problem. This may mean reprogramming the alarm, and this can be expensive. However, a quick search on the internet, citing your make and model, may guide you towards a do-it-yourself way of reprogramming the key and the alarm. This can be done sometimes by inserting the key and pressing it a certain number of times, or similar coded actions. It is best to consult your manufacturer handbook for the correct sequence.
However, what about those times when you actually want your alarm system to stop the car from starting? Many alarms are programmed to do this via an immobiliser. This is not a new idea; many cars from a few decades ago were fitted with after-market kits that enabled the petrol pump to be switched off from a hidden switch. However, it wouldn’t take a thief long to search under the dashboard and switch it back on! Modern versions work via the electronics of the car, and make it impossible to go anywhere unless the car recognises you as the authorised user.
Coded electronic keys are the norm these days, but some manufacturers are moving towards entirely keyless entry and ignition systems. These involve a card or fob that emits a radio wave signal and opens the car when it is detected. These are secure, but it has been known for thieves to use elaborate systems to find out the frequency and break into the car. With technology moving on fast it is likely that keyless entry systems and alarms are the future, and that our cars will become even more difficult to steal. However, remember, if you give the thief an opportunity he will take it; always use your immobiliser and alarm as intended.
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