How To Present Art Portfolios To College Professors

How To Present Art Portfolios To College Professors

When applying for art and design programs in college, the obstacle that separates you from acceptance is your art portfolio. While your grades and standing in high school is considered in your application, your art portfolio bears the most weight on whether or not you will be granted entry into college.

To wow the professors and ensure your spot into the art or design program of your choice, you must observe the best practices on how to present art portfolios. Below are some tips on how you will be able to do so.

Start and End your Portfolio with your Best Artworks

Your best works must showcase your skills at their finest. Pick two of the most impressive artworks you have created for your art portfolios and place them on the first and last page.

Bookmarking your portfolio with your best works plays to the serial position effect developed by Hermann Ebbinghaus. According to this effect, some people remember the last items the best (recency effect) while others remember the first few items (primary effect). Doing this to your art portfolio, therefore, lets professors remember your best works the most and leaves a good impression on them.

Place your Most Interesting Artwork on the Second Page

While not necessarily your best, this artwork should display your potential as a budding artist. Professors expect creativity and fresh ideas from art portfolio, so this is your chance to branch out from what you’re normally good at to show some depth with your skills. However, you’re your interesting artwork as good as possible.

Have your Portfolio Checked by an Art Teacher before Submitting

While following these tips for your art portfolio will increase your chances of getting into college, it would even be better to have an art professor review your work. They have a keen eye for detail, making them eligible to review your artworks and give suggestions on how you can make your art portfolios more impressive.

Ask your art professor in high school for opinions on how you can improve your portfolio. You can also click here to receive a free portfolio assessment from a trustworthy art instructor to get all the help you need.

How about you, dear reader – what other tips on how to present art portfolios you can share to help students get into college? Let us know by commenting below!

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