How To Travel With Your Dog

Traveling with your dog, whether it be for a vacation, a move, or just a short jaunt, doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. Here are some tips so you and your dog can have a safe, comfortable experience traveling:

  • Make sure your dog has an ID or a microchip, and bring a picture: It is important that if you should get separated from your dog while on the road, that a Good Samaritan can know who to call if they find your pooch. So make sure you have recent contact information on the ID. You can also have your dog micro chipped so a vet or animal shelter can also find your contact information, but that is not as necessary as the ID. Also, bring a picture so that if your dog gets lost, you can show people what your pet looks like if you have to try your dog.
  • Get your dog vaccinated:  Take your dog to the vet before you go, if you need to have vaccinations and/or a checkup done before your travel. You usually need to have paperwork for this for airplane travel, so that it’s okay for your dog to fly, so bring this information with you.
  • Make sure your dog is comfortable in a crate:  Whether you are flying via plane or automobile, your dog should be in a dog crate designed for pet travel. So make sure your dog is not afraid of being in the crate, so have the crate in the house, and let your pet get used to it. Also, make sure you put in a comfortable blanket your dog likes, as well as their favorite toys.
  • Take your dog for a walk before the pooch goes in the crate: You want your dog to be a little tired when they go in the crate. Plus, they need to empty their bowel and bladder beforehand.
  • If you are flying, check with the airline first: Make sure your dog is able to travel with the airline, and be sure to follow any rules they have. Make sure your crate has a “live animal” sticker on it, as well as identification information on it. Sometimes during the year, the airline will not let your dog travel if it’s too hot or too cold. In such a case, keep in mind that if you can’t travel with your dog, consider dog boarding sites like
  • Find hotel rooms with pet-friendly travel:  Many hotels and motels will accommodate your pet. Just make sure to find a pet-friendly place before your travel, and tell them that you are bringing your pet. You may have to pay an additional fee, but it is better to tell the truth than to be caught walking your dog around and having to explain it.
  • Never leave your dog alone in the car: Your dog could get sick or even die if you leave your pet in your car alone, especially on a hot day. It doesn’t matter if you roll the window down when you go run an errand while leaving your dog in the care – it could still be a health issue. Don’t do it.
  • Take lots of pictures and enjoy your travel:  Don’t forget the most important thing – have fun traveling with your dog.

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