10 Must Have Twitter Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

No doubt, WordPress-powered blogs are quite easy to use, and this is why the number of new bloggers and website-owners is rapidly increasing with each passing day.

However, standing out as a distinguished blogger and beating others in competition is a totally different thing. This can be achieved by prudent use of WordPress plugins.

Like WordPress blog itself, WordPress plugins are user-friendly, and effective to yield great results. If you own a WordPress-powered website for your business and aim at utilizing Twitter plugins to boost up tweets and drive more traffic to your blog, you need to learn about some popular Twitter Plugins that can be extremely helpful for twitter marketing dummies.

This write-up chooses to review a few of the most effective Twitter plugins made for WordPress:

1. Likehack

If you run multiple social media profiles and want that your followers get more interesting content with less time, use this powerful plugin that embeds all the top content from your social media feeds into your blog. Not only does it show stories from your Twitter profile but from Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks too.

2. Hashcore

Though started as a mere trend, it has successfully retained its status till now. This WordPress Twitter plugin will help you use hashtags within the content of your blog.

3. Evergreen Post Tweeter

If you can’t tweet your posts and articles many times a day, use this scheduling plugin. It will tweet your posts as well as shares links to older posts in accordance with the schedule set by you.

Other similar plugins are Tweetily and Revive Old Post.

4. TweetDis

You might have noticed that a big number of readers don’t bother tweeting articles they go through. However, you can bring about change in their habit.

What you have to do is simply offer them in your articles something awesome to quote. TweetDis places “tweetable quotes” in your articles and makes it easy for readers to share them on Twitter. Once such quotes are tweeted, your blog will most probably get more visitors.

“Click To Tweet” is another similar service that creates tweetable links.

5. Hupso Share Buttons

This plugin offers share buttons for not only Twitter but other social networks as well. It offers convenience to those who like to share a blog post on multiple social platforms in one go.

6. Twitter Alligator WordPress Plugin

Twitter is basically meant for getting real-time information. And this wonderful plugin instantly collects top-class niche-related tweets, and displays them on your blog allowing your readers to have an easy access to most famous tweets in real-time.

7. JetPack

Now your Twitter fans can also comment on your WordPress websites. Use this plugin to let your followers access your comments section via Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and other social media networks.

8. Twitter Mentions as Comments

You need to establish your authority in your relevant niche on Twitter. For this, add Twitter Mentions as Comments plugin as it does exactly what it promises to do – scours Twitter for all those people who are talking about your blog posts and silently inserts their Tweets alongside your existing comments.

9. Twitter Tools

This is an amazing tool. It connects you with multiple Twitter accounts if you have; keeps a record of tweets you have shared so far; and tweets whenever you share a post on your blog.

10. JM Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are handy when it comes to distinguishing your tweets. Once activated, this plugin adds appropriate meta onto your WordPress powered blog, and lets you obtain catchy Twitter cards for your posts in accordance with your personalized settings.

That’s it from us. We have reviewed a few plugins that have completely different features and we hope you were able to find something that would work for your own blog.

Tim Soulo used to be a professional DJ till he realised that talent alone won’t bring him thousands of raving fans. That’s how he began studying marketing. Today Tim is a marketing consultant, helping people squeeze more money from their websites. Make sure to visit his personal blog at: BloggerJet.