How To Make An Impression With Advertising

Have you ever picked a product up and had its slogan or jingle run through your head? Have you ever turned off the interstate for dinner because you see a familiar logo lit up in the distance? If you have, you did so because advertising has made an impression on you. Advertisers have a number of tools at their disposal to pique a customer’s interest and keep their brands in people’s heads. Read on for more information about how to conduct an advertising campaign that leaves an impression

Speak to the Right People

Much of advertising revolves around making sure your message hits the right ears. A toy maker won’t get very far if he advertises during the middle of a football game. Flyers for a hip new club will likely be passed by if handed out next to a church. Understanding your market is crucial.
Once you know your market and understand where it can be found you can create ads that will appeal to that particular sector. An advertisement that entices a 20 year old will likely not do the same for someone over 60. The idea of creating generic ads that don’t exclude any market may sound appealing, but this strategy can backfire if no one ends up being impressed by it.

Tell a Compelling Story

Simply listing off the attributes of what you are trying to sell is simple but not very engaging. Using a good story in your advertising can draw people in and get them thinking about your product. A good story includes a character people can sympathize with, a problem that viewers have experienced, and a satisfying solution.
Whether in a book, a movie, or an advertisement, a good story does not spell everything out for the viewer. Some of the best stories stand up to generations of thought, allowing everyone who experiences them to walk away with a different impression. The same can be said of advertising. If your story makes people think and draw their own conclusions, they will form a stronger bond with the product.

Build a Recognizable Image

Some of the most recognizable images in the world belong to some of the biggest companies in the world. Through advertising, these businesses were able to form a link in the customer’s mind between their image and their product. Think of Starbucks. While most people would consider a cup of coffee to be a simple purchase, Starbucks has established itself as a business that provides a high class experience. People associate Starbucks with high quality drinks and good service, an association that will draw in a certain group of buyers.

Take Advantage of the Senses

Advertising that leaves an impression is advertising that plays to all of the senses. A print ad or a television commercial will obviously engage the eye, but there are so many other ways to draw a person in. The scent of perfume in a magazine. Upbeat or evocative music in a shop. Free snack samples in a grocery store. Targeting a variety of sensory experiences will cement your place in people’s minds.
Another sense that is beneficial to play on is the sense of humor. Making your audience laugh creates positives connections between their minds and your products. With the rise of the internet, viral marketing that plays to viewer’s sense of humor has exploded, and to great effect! Make them laugh and they will remember you.
Advertising impressions work in a number of ways. By targeting your audience and presenting them with a memorable story or experience you can create an advertisement that sticks around.
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