Women Who Kill

When one thinks of violence and murder, the male gender is usually what springs to mind. However, women can sometimes be just as brutal and just as violent. For the most part, the methods of female murderers are different from their male counterparts. Because fewer of these murderers exist, forensic psychologists to have less information with which to work, but they do find the murderous minds of these killers are as complex and varied as those of men. Female murderers are not a new phenomenon either. They have been with us throughout history, walking beside us all, and they are not going away. Here are some of the most infamous, prolific and horrifying female murderers to ever be part of humankind.
Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess
Delving back into the annals of history, we come across Elizabeth Bathory, known as the Blood Countess. The countess was vain, as well as something of a sadist, and when she started to get older, it did frighten her. She once hit one of her servant girls and a splash of blood landed on her skin. The blood, the countess believed, made her skin look smoother and younger. Soon, she wanted more blood, and began luring the prettiest girls from nearby villages to work in her castle as servants. She would then torture, kill, and bathe with their blood. Eventually, she turned her sights on noble girls, and this was what finally brought her to the attention of the authorities. The total number of victims is unknown, but many believe that it could be as high as over a hundred.
Aileen Wuornos
Portrayed brilliantly by Charlize Theron in the film Monster, Aileen Wuornos is one of America’s most notorious serial murderers. She is the epitome of a serial killer. She comes from an abusive home and had a terribly troubled childhood. She had all of the hallmark antisocial traits of someone who was on the way to becoming a criminal. She worked as a prostitute to make money. Ironically, the prostitutes are usually in the segment of society most in danger from serial murder. Wuornos turned the tables, and used her prostitution as a way to find victims. The first victim she murdered was a man who beat and brutally raped her. The killing, she said all the way up until her death, was in defense. In total, she murdered eight people.Rosemary West
Rosemary and her husband Fred do not look like monsters, but true monsters rarely do. They put on the outward appearance of a caring couple who would take in down and out young people who were on the streets and had nowhere to do. They promised them a safe haven, but that was not what those poor young girls found. Instead, they were brought into the lair of true evil. Rosemary was a prostitute, a sadist who loved to cause pain. The duo tortured and raped victims, including their own child and Rosemary’s stepchild. She claimed the lives of at least 10 people and very possibly more.
The above are just three of the worst female offenders, murderers who showed no compassion. Psychologically, these three women are also different from many of the black widow style murderesses out there. Rather than using poison, these women were brutal, hands on killers. They were remorseless and sadistic, and in the case of West, actually took joy in the pain they caused. These types of female murderers are the rarest of the rare, which fascinates and repulses criminologists and forensic psychologists.
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