How To Look After Your Brakes

If you think about the most important part of a car, then you might be forgiven for assuming that this would be the engine or the steering wheel. After all if it wasn’t for these parts then you wouldn’t be able to drive your car at all and it would be left stationary the whole time – kind of defeating the object of owning one.
But in reality these are not the most important parts of cars. Because while a stationary car might not be much use to anyone, it’s also no danger and this means that it could be worse. On the other hand though, if your car has damaged brakes, then this means you’ll be able to start the car and start driving but not necessarily be able to stop which is a lot more dangerous.
As such then it’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of keeping your car’s brakes well maintained, so let’s have a look at some ways you can do that.
Brake Less
The first and most obvious way to protect your brakes is to try and avoid using them. Like anything wear and tear here is a result of continually strain, so if you can use them less they will last longer. To brake less then, just make sure that you keep your eyes on the road ahead so that you know what’s coming and are able to react early. Then, when you see that there is a hold up up ahead, slow down by simply removing your foot from the accelerator and allowing the weight of the car to overcome the momentum. This will keep your brakes in better condition, and furthermore it will help you to save fuel.
Avoid Gravel Tracks
Spend much time at CMM Mechanics and you’ll quickly see that gravel tracks are responsible for a lot of the damaged cars that come in. Chipped windscreens caused by small stones, damaged tires and suspension caused by pot hole, and stones jammed between the brake pads and brake disk are all common problems. If you can avoid driving on the gravel then do, but if not just make sure you take it slow.
Get Regular Maintenance
Even if you’re as careful as possible your brakes will still deteriorate to a degree and it’s important to stay on top of this and reverse the process by getting your brakes replaced from time to time. Listen out for a screeching noise you may hear when you brake – this indicates that the brake shoe has worn down to the point where a small pin is now scratching against the brake disks and that means it’s time to change them. Likewise you should also keep a note of any changes – spongey or unrespsonsive brakes need looking at.
Keep Them Even
When you put your foot on the brake it will stop both wheels at the front. As such then it’s very important that you keep both those brakes in equal condition or you’ll find the car veers to one side when you try to stop. When you change one set of brakes, you always change the other.
This blog post was contributed by guest author Clint from CMM Automotive. Clint loves cars (didn’t you know?) and also enjoys spending time watching cricket and horse races.