How To Find The Best Car Shopping Deals On The Web

The number one way to save time and money when searching for a new car or SUV is to use the power of the Internet to do the homework for you. Once upon a time, you had to make appointments at multiple dealers, grab brochures on a multitude of vehicles, go for test drive after test drive, just to narrow down the field, much less deciding on trim packages or colours! These days, you can find the best deals for a new or used car in a matter of hours or less by knowing how to search online.

New Car Shopping Online Search Tips

The list of things you can research online about new and used cars and SUVs is simply astounding. Better still, researching online gives you all the information you need to compare models and dealers. Factors to research include safety ratings, fuel consumption, available colours and options to choose from.

Online Forums

As you search online, another source of information can be found in online forums – they’re a great source of information from owners of the car you are considering, detailing their actual experiences with the vehicles in everyday life situations (which can be quite a bit different than the ideal conditions listed in the brochures). Consumer advocate websites are another source of information to help you in saving the most time and money as you shop. You can easily research how your prospective car fared in objective testing conditions.

Manufacturer’s Website

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, the place to get the most up-to-date information about models, available options, and more is the manufacturer’s website. Online forums can often have references to models or options that are out of date or are only available in another country. Taking the time to research current model year vehicles and option packages from the manufacturer’s website is a way to make sure you aren’t disappointed when you finally do set foot in a dealership – only to find that the engine size and body style doesn’t actually exist this model year.

Ready To Buy?

Armed with information, reviews, and facts, you’re now ready to go to the dealership and specify which vehicle you’d like to test. If you’ve done your homework right – you’ll be ready to complete the purchase of your Jeep Grand Cherokee with a minimum of time spent away from home. And after you’ve saved all that time, you’ll be out of excuses and will need to plan that first big trip or off road adventure!

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Becky Doucet is an independent auto journalist living in Melbourne, Victoria. She loves adventure sports and hiking, and appreciates the fact that her Jeep Grand Cherokee takes her wherever she wants to go.