How To Create Carry-Out Services

Have you ever thought about expanding your restaurant revenue by incorporating carry-out and take-out services for your customers? In doing so, you can increase your restaurants bottom line in this age where people are lazy and don’t want to get out of their cars in order to pick up lunch or dinner. Consumers will often pick one restaurant over another just for their carry-out service. Think of how nice it is for your customer to pull up to a designated spot and have their meal delivered right to their car! Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • THE AVERAGE CONSUMER IS IN A RUSH, therefore, it is time efficient for them to incorporate a carry-out service into their daily routine by phoning their food order into your restaurant and paying over the phone. This way it is easy for them to stop by on their way home from work and pick up a delicious meal.
  • CARRY-OUT AND TAKE-OUT SERVICE is no longer only for Chinese food and pizza. Any restaurant can incorporate these services into their establishments. Learning from a pizza parlor is a good way to look at how to get started. Have an employee manning the phones and taking orders along with credit card numbers. Give the customer a time to pick up their order, and employ someone to run the order out to the customer saving them precious time.
  • ON-LINE ORDERING IS BECOMING MORE POPULAR with customers as well as picking up the phone and placing their order. About 13 percent or customers are now using the internet to place their orders while at home or at work. This is especially helpful when the customer is placing a large order for pick-up. They can simply browse your web site, decide what they want, and place their order with ease.
  • DRIVE-THRU OPTIONS are normally associated with fast food service, but many smaller businesses are taking advantage of this tried and true operation. This is not for every restaurant, but if you are running a sandwich shop or specialty shop this can work very well for you. By having your meals pre-packaged, for example, a sandwich and chips prepackaged in a box, or a salad already made, makes it simple for you to fill the order.
  • TEXT MESSAGING is also a great way for you to incorporate fast service for your customers. For the younger generation, texting is a fast and efficient way for them to do things, like ordering their food. You can incorporate text messaging for your restaurant to build your client base with teck savvy consumers. It’s similar to phone orders, only customers are texting you instead of actually talking to someone to give their order.

If you choose to incorporate carry-out or take-out service for your restaurant, it is imperative that you get the order right the first time. This means taking an extra few minutes when packing up the order to ensure it is 100 percent right all the time. Nothing is more aggravating to the consumer than to get home and find something is missing from their order. Many restaurants are finding that these new ways of catering to their customer is a great way to improve their profits. Implementing these few ideas can make the consumer happy. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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