Have You Fallen In A Fashion Routine?

Have You Fallen In A Fashion Routine

We know that comfort comes first, and we know how easy it is to wear the same black pants and shirt day to day. But, if you recognize yourself in some of these following sentences, maybe it’s time to change something.

1. The only accessory  you Wear are Earrings, and you take them to Bed with you

Accessories are a very effective and simple way of breaking the monotony in your style. All you need is a flashy necklace, some bracelets and fun earrings. By combining them, your combination will get all the originality it needs, just be careful not to overdo it with the jewelry.

2. If someone Peeks in your Closet, they would think you are Depressed. Only Black, Gray and Dark Blue.

Of course, black looks good on everybody and flatters everyone’s figure, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid other colors. Add brighter shades in the form of a scarf, shirts or vests that will accent your face and natural beauty. Read how colors may affect your shopping.

3. You are afraid of Trends

Fitting in a new trend in your wardrobe will immediately improve your style. For example, in the last few seasons prints are the dominating design. Many women who have fallen in a fashion routine avoid print because they say it is a passing trend, but the sure that it won’t come out of fashion soon.

4. Every Piece of Clothing in your Wardrobe makes you Sick

Women often don’t know what to wear because there are “holes” in their closets. Take everything you wear daily out and see what is left – maybe a skirt that you never wore because you don’t know what to match it with or one flashy top that goes well with your jeans. So, when you are shopping the next time look for pieces of clothing to match the ones in your closet that you never wear. In time your wardrobe will be filled up, and you will love it.

5. You can’t remember when you Bought a new Bra

Most women, as it is known widely, wear underwear that doesn’t fit them right, which makes them feel old fashioned. If you buy it in the right size you will look better and feel better, whatever you wear. Buying a quality bra that fits you is a good investment.

6. You Wear your Sweatpants Outside the Gym too

As we said at the beginning, comfort comes first, but that doesn’t mean that sweatpants should be your first choice when going out with a friend for coffee or talking a walk in the park. Instead of that, wear stretchy pants – it will be equally comfortable and you will look a lot better.

7. You Avoid Shopping because you never know what to Buy

If you have this problem, use the trick famous stylists use: create a new personality for yourself by combining three different celebrities you admire, and that fit your lifestyle. When you are shopping, imagine if that person you created would wear that and you made your job easier.

By Milan Budimkic

Milan Budimkic, the author of this article, is an owner of MB SEO agency at Belgrade. He is also a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the travel, sport, entertainment, internet marketing, and much more. When not blogging, Milan likes to travel and read a lot.