Want To Create A Killer Resume? – Here Are 5 Tips for You

If you have your eyes on a job that you need so badly and finally a door of opportunity is open in front of you, make sure not to blow this chance. The first impression that you can make on the employer is through your cover letter and resume. Most of the people fail to land a job that would have been perfect for them just because, they fail to make a good resume. Whether you believe it or not, a resume says a lot about your personality and professionalism. Those people sitting in corporate world can get an idea about the person only by looking at his job application. So, if you want to increase your chances of getting a job then you have to write a killer resume.
Below are five tips that will help you create an impressive resume.

1 – Don’t Listen to Every Advice

The problem with newbies in the corporate world is that, they tend to listen to every advice that comes their way. Keep in mind that you will be confronting new things every day in the corporate world but you are supposed to pay attention to only those things that matter. While preparing for your first interview, everybody from your friends and family will keep coming to you with their own set of advices. You can realize that listening to the advices of all those people will not do anything good for you. Only pay attention to major details of those advices, be yourself and write a resume that you think will work for you.

2 – Think before you Write your Resume for a Particular Job

There is nothing like general resume in this world. You will find a lot of people who use the same resume for every job opening. An employer/ recruiter can tell about your level of maturity and dedication just by looking at your resume. If you are applying for a construction job, make sure that your resume reflects such qualities that will impress the employer. Obviously, a person working in construction industry has nothing to do with someone whose resume declares him as a good writer/ speaker.

3 – Brand yourself Shamelessly

When you are sending out your resume to a company, you are actually acting as a salesman who is trying to sell his product. A customer will only be interested in buying your product if you make him realize that your product is best in the market and there is no other brand that comes near to the quality of your product. Same is the case with your resume as it reflects your education, qualification, skills, experience and most importantly your personality. Don’t be ashamed to brand yourself in the resume because this piece of paper is all about you.

4 – Have a Surprise Element

You should have a surprise element in your resume. Let’s assume that you have been called for first interview and you have given your best which results in a second interview call. If you have exposed all your cards in the first interview, you will be left with nothing in second meeting. Keep something hidden that you should only expose in the second interview. This kind of surprise element can impress any employer in the world.

5 – Structure

While trying to be awesome in your resume, you should not forget that a building can only stand still if the structure is strong. The structure of your resume should not miss any fundamental elements. Make sure to include your educational qualification in a one group, your skills in one group and your experiences in another. This categorical description helps an employer to review your resume in a short period of time.
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