The Five Best Companies For Mothers and Moms To Be

Balancing work and family is no easy task. In fact, most of us are faced with the unfortunate decision of choosing one over the other on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are a number of enlightened companies who recognize the needs of working moms by creating a suitable and convenient working environment where mothers can stay productive without having to sacrifice caring for their children.
If you are a struggling mother looking for a job where you can have the best of both worlds (and maybe learn what people mean by “balance”), here are five of the most mommy-friendly companies to work for.

1. PwC (New York)

PwC is an audit and tax firm that allows for flexible working schedules so long as you complete 20 hours each week. Apart from the convenience of not being tied down to an 8-5 job, this company also provides their female employees with the opportunity to better their career through training and seminars that can help advance their skills and knowledge.
PwC currently employs more than 1,000 female workers, comprising roughly half of their entire workforce.

2. General Mills (Minneapolis)

Despite the fact that General Mills is an established food manufacturing company with over 16,000 workers, they still manage to implement programs and initiatives to allow their employees to spend more time with their loved ones. Apart from flexible work hours, General Mills also provides 26 job protected weeks off for childbirth or adoption, along with a $10,000 adoption aid and 3-week paid vacation leave.
General Mills is steadfast in their aim of providing a mother and child friendly environment for their pool of employees. They are one of the few to include a child care center for infants and toddlers, along with special discounts for nearby child care facilities.

3. Discovery Communications (Maryland)

Discovery Communications is a media company with offices in Maryland, Miami, and New York. With more than 1,500 female employees, Discovery Communications works hard to ensure that the primary needs of their workers’ families are met. As one of the few companies to provide for free primary and acute medical care for their workers and their children that are at least 14 years old, Discovery Communications has helped thousands of their employees see to the healthcare needs of their loved ones.

4. Ernst & Young (New York)

Despite the less than rosy reputation that most accounting firms have, Ernst & Young continues to set a good example for how a company should care for and support their female employees. An employee assistance program has been established for families to receive the mental and emotional support needed during difficult times. Apart from offering free counseling sessions, the company also provides networking venues for female employees. These include regular forums, dinners, and lectures to help their employees grow and get the mentorship needed to move ahead.

5. Prudential Financial (New Jersey)

A staunch believer in the value of women in the labor force, Prudential Financial has given mothers the opportunity to earn high ranking managerial positions. Mothers who have completed their 20 hour work week are also entitled to 9 weeks of paid maternity leave, a lot more than what the state requires.
Companies are fighting for talented female employees by offering additional incentives like those mentioned above. Make sure to keep that in mind the next time you choose to interview.
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