3 Easy Ways To Make Exercise Part Of Your Day

Exercise at least thirty minutes a day to keep healthy and fit. Thirty minutes does not sound like very many minutes, but if you are extremely busy you may need to make exercise a part of what you are already doing.

Dance as you Work

May sound a bit off, but if you dance while you clean or cook you can exercise any time you want. You will be very pleased by the changes you see in how you look and how you feel. Dancing is a great way to boost your mood and tone your muscles.  Dance to anything that sounds great and listen to upbeat music while you work. Find the tunes you used to love and dance away.
Try sitting in a chair and dancing. Tap dancing, country western as well as the tango and polka can be dance moves performed from a seated position. If you have a physical condition that limits your range of motion, try chair dancing.
Integrate Tai Chi, which almost looks like dancing, into your day. This low-impact exercise has many proven health benefits to help you retain your equilibrium; provide improved posture and better coordination. You can Tai Chi anywhere in your home and at any time. Try running through Tai Chi routines as you watch television; the exciting parts of your favorite drama can get you moving faster.

Walk as Much as You Can

Walking is the most effective and inexpensive form of exercise. You may not burn as many calories as an active workout at the gym, but the very act of walking increases your overall endurance and fitness levels. As you walk you are providing a good cardio workout for your heart and burning extra calories. Your heart rate increases during a walking workout and a steady walk will burn more than 240 calories an hour in a 150 pound person.
If the weather is too severe to walk, use a treadmill. Many treadmills measure your walking speed, calories burned and measure distance. You can also take advantage of a smooth walking surface in a climate-controlled environment. Walking on a treadmill day after day is monotonous; however so try walking around the block, to work, or around your office building.  Walk in the park with your dog. Walking in a park can be very motivating.

Step Exercises

Utilize the steps already in your home to do step exercises. You can do repetitions that will tone your leg muscles, burn calories, and improve the lower half of your body. Studies have shown that someone who weighs 150 pounds can burn up to 605 calories an hour using step aerobics. You can perform step routines at home by running up and down your basement stairs or by using the bottom stair to step up and down in a continual motion. Whenever possible, use the stairs instead of the elevator.
Three easy ways to make exercise a part of your day includes activities you are already doing.Step up the intensity of walking, dancing or running up and down stairs. It’s amazing what activity can do for your health.

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