Fashion Jewelry: For Every Occasion

For every size there is a right outfit and for every outfit there is a right accessory. Women’s fashion is not just the clothes and shoes they wear but also the accessories they carry. Apart from the regular accessories like clutches, belts, purses and coats, women’s fashion jewelry is not left behind. Fashion jewelry can be worn on any occasions and also in routine life. The 3 top accessories that are must in any wardrobe are earrings, neck-piece and bracelets. Finger rings, toe rings, piercings and anklets also form a part of any wardrobe necessities.
Let us see the top accessories to be worn at the right time and right place.

  1. Fashion Earrings: Earrings can be a part of your daily life; be it wearing at work or a get together. Stud Earrings go well with formal wear and short dresses to wear at a party. Stud earrings with pearls should be chosen for formal wear whereas for short dresses prefer wearing diamond stud or gemstone earring. While at work, choose to keep your hair open while you sport your earrings and for a party, choose to neatly do your hair up in a French bun or something similar. The dangling earrings are perfect for Indian sari, evening party dresses, dance parties and opera or symphonies. These earrings should match your face shape as well. If you have a long face, wear little danglers and vice versa.
  1. Neck Piece: Neck pieces bring in the charm to any face and outfit. Collared necklaces are best for almost all occasions. They look best when paired up with office wear. When on vacation at a beach or riverside, select beaded necklaces, stone necklaces or wooden necklaces. For a get together choose necklace with pendant. For any casual or dance party, opt for choker necklaces. Choker necklaces also look splendid for weddings. Layered necklaces are perfect for office do and concerts. A single chain with a big pendant can be worn with v necks and circle necks.
  1. Bracelets: Charm bracelets, tube bracelets, diamond bracelets, pearl bracelets, stone bracelets or thread bracelets are the many types available in market. These are inexpensive and spice up any outfit without adding much. You can mix and match few bracelets and use as one or use a single bracelet. There are no specifications to wear specific type of bracelet at a specific do. You must know what to keep and what to avoid. For example, avoid wearing a friendship bracelet at office or charm bracelet at a concert. It exhibit that you are not aware of the latest fashion trends. Except for casual outing or meeting with friends, do not mix too many bracelets together. Choose the right size and avoid wearing too big bracelets.
  1. Finger Rings: The finger rings you wear are a symbol of your personality. It will talk about you as a person. Engagement rings are worn in the fourth finger of left hand of a woman. It is a sign of a girl to be engaged once she starts sporting it. Cocktail ring is the ring which has a big stone or diamond as the center of attention. Like the name says, it is mostly worn in cocktail parties and get together. Gemstones ring are popular for moods. There are rings available for bad temper or mood swings. They change color if your mood changes. Simple rings are worn in routine functions or office. Five metal rings are worn for luck.