Etiquette Tips For The Public Swimming Pool:

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Whether it is the public pool at the local leisure centre, the pool at the gym or a pool on a holiday resort, there are certain behaviour that are just not acceptable no matter what your age or excuses. Some of these rules are really just common sense, yet many people seem to leave their common sense at the poolside and regress into thoughtless idiots the minute they get near the water.
No Peeing in the Pool!
It should go without saying that this is a big no no, yet people still do it. And I do mean ‘people’ here, not just the little kids that haven’t managed to gain full control of their bladders yet. There are some pools that have added a little something to the water so that it turns purple when someone urinates into it but that doesn’t seem to stop it happening either. I’m not sure what’s worse, diving in oblivious to what’s in there or looking down and noticing that you are swimming through a purple patch. Go for a pee before you get into the water, and if you need to go again, get out! Aside from the peeing, no one wants to be swimming through any other bodily fluids either, keep that for your own private pool!
Keep Your Kids Under Control
Despite trying to look oblivious to the stares are remarks of others, you know when your kids are being annoying, so do something about it. Some people actually go to the pool to swim, for leisure, relaxation and even physical therapy. They do not want to be caught in the middle of a pool based volleyball game because your kids think that they can take up the whole pool. Pay attention to what your kids are doing, especially if they can’t swim very well. Don’t rely on other people to keep an eye on your kids for you. As far as looking after your kids goes it is your job and not that of the pool attendant or life guard on duty, they have more important things to do than keep your kids out of trouble, that is your job remember?
Appropriate Clothing
You may think that you look like a Greek God but honestly Speedos are not for everyone, put it this way if your feet are in the shadow of your stomach go for swim shorts. Oh, and ladies, what you see when you look in the mirror is not necessarily what everyone sees. There is a time and a place for a dental floss swimsuit and it is widely agreed that this is not generally at the public pool. Bear in mind that there are people of all sensitivities at the pool so wear appropriate clothing for communal swimming, not what you would wear on the beach in the Bahamas.
Safety First
The safety rules are there for a reason so try to observe them. Don’t dive, bomb or jump into the pool where it says not too, unless you fancy splitting your head open on the pool floor and ruining everyone’s day.
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