Take It With Caution

General Health:

The hair, skin and nails of a person are what ancient medics used to observe in order to determine the health or general health of a person. When the hair is thick, shiny, the nails are pink and shiny and if the skin is moist and scar free, the general health of the person is assured. But there are many instances where many individuals do not enjoy good health as others and the thinning of hair, male type baldness, and brittle nails are signs that show that the person id suffering from certain deficiencies. Most of the nutrients have to be taken by the individual so as to produce the essential micro nutrient from the body itself but many of us lack the capacity and hence have to depend on the outside sources for these micronutrients. Use of supplements is a good option as it can supply the required vitamins and amino acids in the concentrated form in the purest possible way. One such supplement is biotin.

The Supplement:

The supplement discussed here is the biotin which has become the talk of the town recently. It is flashed about internet, television shows and even the likes of Dr. Oz of the Dr. Oz show has given credentials to the supplement for its ability to cure certain deficiencies of the hair and the nails as well as helping in controlling obesity, the bane of the modern times. As a part of the awareness, the dangers of biotin are also discussed elaborately especially by supplements experts who caution you on what you should and should not buy.

The Benefits:

The biotin supplement is actually a vitamin belonging to the B complex vitamin group and acts as a coenzyme to stimulate the fat and carbohydrate metabolism which helps in weight loss and supply of energy to helps body processes to go on well as intended. It helps in growth of thinning hair, it benefits nails from becoming brittle and black or coloured.

The Caution:

In general, physicians and supplement experts are not opposed to use of the vitamin but they only caution you from falling victim to the fake companies that claim to sell actual biotin in its pure form and in the required concentration or weight. When these conditions or standards of weight and purity are not met, then they are considered to be spurious. Some companies sell the supplement but the packing is full of fillers that just add to the weight and the actual biotin molecule is very negligible just to say on the wrapper that it is there.

The Cost:

Though it contains minimal amount of biotin, the cost would be almost the same as that of the well established brands. When you buy from such places, it is going to cost you not just money wise but also in health. The desired results cannot be met when you use such spurious products, and the chemicals that are added into the capsules will actually cause other complications if you intake such supplements. When the results are not attained, what remains is just frustration and an overall distrust of all products even the real ones. In fact it might cause just the opposite effects to what is expected.

These spurious supplements may cause problems to the vital organs such as the liver, kidney hair follicles and the nervous system which will prove to be dangerous in the longer run. It is always better to be cautious and check twice before you place an order and above all consult a physician about the dangers of biotin before you consume it for health.