How To Avoid Being Seduced By Short-Term Fashion Fixes

Whenever we see something on an e-commerce site or in a shop, we immediately start an internal debate around whether we should buy it or not.  For many people, this debate is only going to end in one way, with the inevitable purchase of a new dress or pair of shoes. Of course, many feel that circumstances such as this are beyond their control, and that they just cannot stop themselves.
However, there are a number of strategies that one can employ in order to prevent themselves being seduced by ‘fast fashion.’ We looked at the best options, and how one can use them.

Consider the ‘Why’

Exactly why do you wear a particular style of clothing? Do you dress in modest Islamic clothing because you are looking to follow your faith as much as possible, for example, or do you always dress smartly as it is an expectation people have of you?
If you have a way that is ‘you,’ then consider this every time you are tempted into a quick fashion fix. Why would you buy one item that isn’t going to match with anything else you own? If you are looking for a wardrobe overhaul, then that is a whole process that requires thought and foresight, not spur of the moment decisions.

Think of the Money

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a lot of disposable income, then the chances are that you are spending on fast fashion for the buzz of doing it, only to suffer from “buyer’s regret” later. Then, because no-one really likes returning things unless they are faulty, something ends up sitting in your wardrobe untouched. The only problem is that the money is still missing from your pocket, and you aren’t ever going to get it back.
If you are unable to look upon a clothes purchase with rational thinking, bring the finances into play. If that doesn’t work, then look up a hypnotist to snap you out of it.

Be Fickle, Like Fashion

The final way to stop yourself buying clothes at random is to put yourself in the shoes of the industry.
Was a particular item fashionable three to six months ago? Is it likely to be fashionable the same period into the future? If the answers are no, then you are looking at fickle fashion, staring you straight in the face.
While we all want to look stylish and be dressed in relevant fashion, this doesn’t mean we should throw ourselves at the mercy of one-off purchases and fad driven clothing.
Stay true to yourself and consider the reasons why you dress in a particular style, and if that doesn’t work, be fickle and think of finances to wean yourself off the fast fashion quick-fix.
This article has been written by Aisha Malik, a fashion enthusiast for Islamic clothing. Aisha, since childhood has been extremely keen and enthusiastic about all types of fashion, especially taking an interest in jilbabs.