How To Blog With 'Gangnam Style'

Gangnam style is in no way easy to understand or explain. All we know is that, whatever ‘Gangnam Style’ is, it has taken to world by storm. The initial video has amassed hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and is by far the most successful K-Pop track and video on the web. Whether we can extrapolate any real message from the internet sensation or not, its overwhelming success must be able to tell us something about how to attract a web audience.
Here, we look at how to apply a bit of PSY’s attitude to your blog in order to gain an audience and keep people coming back for more, Gangnam Style!
Be a breath of fresh air
If there’s anything we can say about PSY’s performance, it is that he is a true breath of fresh air. While many critics have been quick to label the music itself as generic, it’s not easy to point fingers at any other artists at the moment with whom we can sincerely say that PSY has much in common. Coming out of nowhere with a bold and bizarre attitude has paid off; there’s no reason why your blog can’t do the same.
Think outside of the box, be bold with your posts and reach for the extraordinary. In an incredibly dense blogosphere, it is essential that what you create stands out and provides readers with a breath of fresh air.
Be controversial
Gangnam Style undoubtedly pokes fun at the K-Pop industry and at a number of other artists and this has contributed in a large way to its popularity. The internet thrives on free speech and the ability for bloggers and artists to express controversial opinions in a light hearted way. Don’t be afraid to be controversial on your own blog. People like to be challenged and to see the status quo given an accusatory look once in a while. Build on this – within reason – and keep your readers on their toes.
Be visually appealing
The video for Gangnam Style is a feast for the senses: bizarre, colourful and edgy, the visuals draw you in. Any successful blog will do the same. It is worth investing some time learning how to build a website in order to create an aesthetically gripping and pleasing environment for your blog posts. However great your content may be, in today’s world it needs to satisfy all of your readers’ senses in order to stand out from the crowd.
Be Funny
The number one ingredient which Gangnam Style absolutely oozes is a sense of humour. Yes, the video is ridiculous but that’s why so many of us love it. Take yourself too seriously on your blog and you are bound to lose the attention of some of your readers. If you can make measured and controversial jokes where appropriate, you’ll have your readers laughing and will therefore have them hooked. Just ask yourself, if you couldn’t have a good laugh at Gangnam Style, who on earth would watch it?
Capitalise on popular posts
As with PSY’s follow up, it is important for us to recognise a successful formula and to get the most from it. Although the follow up hasn’t received the acclaim of the first, it has kept PSY out there. If you get a good reception from a post or two, don’t be afraid to recycle a little material in order to keep your readers happy.
A guest post by Cindy Liu-a part time blogger for 123-reg. She divides her time helping 123-reg customers to use the website builder and advising small business owners on how to build their blog up to a repectable standard.