Deadly Sci-Fi Tech You Can Make At Home

If you are fed up with waiting for all of the 21st century gadgets that were promised in the sci-fi series of old, despair not, as there are some sci-fi items that you can make yourself using easily obtainable parts, providing of course that you have no worries about placing yourself in danger making them. Please bear in mind that some of these items could prove to be fatal if used incorrectly, and could be deadly if they were to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous super villain.
A Laser
Is there anything more sci-fi techno geeky than a laser? It has to be a basic requirement in even the oldest science fiction series, and what’s great about it is that you probably have all of the items you need in the house right at this minute. The developments in modern gadgetry mean that at any given time we are surrounded by components that could be deadly if used incorrectly. Providing that you have absolutely no regard for your own personal safety and throw all safety precautions to the wind, you can create your very own laser using simple elements such as a DVD burner and a maglite, and yes, it will set things that you point it at on fire. Construction involves disassembling the DVD burner and removing the laser diode and placing it in the maglite where the bulb should be.
An Exo-Suit
Remember the exo-suit that Sigourney Weaver wore to defeat the alien queen in the movie Aliens? Well ever since it appeared on the big screen people have been attempting to create their own. Of course you will never be able to make one on the same kind of scale but you really don’t need as much technical knowhow as you may think. There are already competitions being held where people are required to create their own exo-suits which can either be hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic, the suit needs to allow them to pick up a bar bell that weighs 650lbs. One contestant built his with parts bought on eBay while a teenager with only a basic high school education managed to build one by himself in his parents garage, so it can’t be that difficult to do.
A Jet Pack
Who hasn’t watched Iron Man and dreamt of taking to the skies with the aid of a little rocket power? It is possible to make your own jet pack but it going to cost you some real money to make. The biggest hurdle that you need to conquer is basically how to generate enough power to get you off the ground, without burning you to a crisp in the process – this aspect has been the downfall of many historical designs. Thankfully these days we have some incredibly volatile chemicals to play with, not too different from sticking a petrol container on your back and standing next to a naked flame. You’d be surprised at just what kind of combustible materials you can buy on the internet. Providing you have the equivalent of around $10,000 to spend on your project you should be up and away in no time.
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