Five Beginning Musical Instruments For Adults

f you are an adult wanting to learn to play a musical instrument, then you are not alone. Whether your parents couldn’t afford the lessons, or you quit lessons before you mastered your favorite instrument, it is never too late to pick up where you left off.
Choosing an Instrument
Learning to play an instrument requires a significant financial investment. Costs associated with instruments and lessons can add up quickly. If possible rent or borrow an instrument and try it out for several months before you buy. That way if you change your mind about which instrument you want to learn, you won’t blow your budget.
The guitar is one of the most common instruments that people choose to learn to play as an adult. With guitars so prevalent in modern music, it is easy to understand why people want to learn to play guitar like one of the masters. It is never too late to start. You can choose from group lessons, private lessons, or even online video lessons in the privacy of your own home.
A lot of people learned to play the piano as a child. The piano is one of those instruments that requires a lot of self motivation to play. You have to practice, practice, practice. Often children quit lessons before they really master this instrument. If you were one of those children, it is never too late to pick up where you left off. If you dream of playing the piano again, many private teachers welcome adult students.
One of the benefits of learning to play the drums as an adult is that you won’t be bothering your parents while you practice! If you have a bonus room or garage where you can store and practice your drum set, then give playing the drums a try. Keep in mind that in order to play the drums it is also benefical to have had or to sign up for some piano lessons too.
A recorder is a fun instrument for an adult to learn how to play. There are three types of recorders: soprano, alto, and tenor. Soprano recorders are smaller and generally used by children learning how to play. They are also less expensive. Alto and tenor recorders are more expensive, but they are larger (a better fit for adult hands) and also have a better tone and range. If you are interested in playing baroque music, then a recorder may good be a good instrument for you to learn how to play.
Violin or Fiddle
The violin is not the easiest instrument to learn to play, but with a lot of practice and determination, you can still learn to play it as an adult.
If you are interested in Irish or Celtic folk music then the fiddle might be a fun choice. Make sure you find a teacher who is experienced in the type of music you are wanting to learn to play.
Believe it or not it actually is harder for adults to learn to play an instrument than it is for kids. Kids have their parents forcing them to practice, and adults don’t. Adults also have higher expectations about what they expect to accomplish in a short amount of time, often leading to disappointment.
It used to be that if you wanted to learn to play an instrument you had to go out and find a teacher to give you private or group lessons. Not anymore. While finding a private teacher is still a good option, there are many other options available through instructional videos and online classes.
Look at learning an instrument as a hobby, something to give yourself enjoyment in your spare time, and give it some time. You just might find out that you have a musical genius hiding inside.

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