Auto Garages & Shops Should Always Have Solid Jacks & Fire Extinguishers

There is no use in denying it.  Not only do “car and truck guys” have fun but also dangerous. You are surrounded by heavy metal parts, some of which are moving more than rapidly.  On top of that engine and motor parts do get extremely hot. Oil, coolant as well as other automotive fluids may well be scorching, volatile, toxic or all of the preceding.  The thoughtful mechanic takes responsible and full precautions working with care, always keeping safety forefront in his or her mind at all times.
Fire Extinguishers & a Solid Set of Jack Stands:
Yet two pieces of safety equipment are vital, essential and yet sometimes not providing for.  These 2 pieces of safety equipment are
1)    A well charged and set up fire extinguisher or extinguishing equipment  mounted with easy access and quick reach of the working area or areas
2)    A good and solid set of jack stands to support the vehicles being worked on whether it’s a standard compact car, larger Sports Utility Vehicle, large 250,350 or 450 format pickup or commercial truck or even a full sized commercial tractor trailer.

Use Good Jacks to Raise Up the Vehicle & Place on Good & Solid Footings:
Use a good jack to raise the vehicle, making sure its good and positioned  firmly on the ground or cement floor , to lift  the vehicle straight up and down without ever slipping or twisting.  Overall hydraulic as well as screw and scissors jacks are professional mechanics and auto maker factory trained technicians than the bumper jacks that used to come with cars.  Don’t be lazy and use that old bumper jack lying around – even if working on an older model vehicle sporting pre-plastic “real metal bumpers”.

Never Crawl Under Any Car or Truck Until the Auto is Firmly Resting on Solid Well Placed Stands:
Yet if there is one message to shout loudly and clearly which cannot be overemphasized and underscored.  It’s the ultimate auto repair safety message is never to crawl underneath any car or vehicle until real solid stands are place beneath said auto being repaired.  Typically most auto shop manuals, and even standard glove box owners manuals clearly list the best locations for placing jacks and stands.  By doing so you will maintain good and solid placement and holding patterns of those auto jacks and stands and on top of that not cause body, mechanical or paint and finish damages.
If Possible Have a Cool Non-Running Engine & Be Careful When Reaching Across for Anything & Everything:
Lastly when working on automobiles and repair projects always try to have the engine shut if and even cool if possible.  Yet obviously this can not always be the case or situation. However if the engine needs to be running while you work and conduct repairs and diagnostics , be very vary and careful of both hot and moving parts – including fan belt and belts , exhaust manifolds and muffler systems.  Lastly you never can be 100 % sure.  Be most careful when reaching for anything and everything.

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Sherwood Park
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