Ways To Keep Your Wedding Flowers On Budget

There’s no getting away from the fact that weddings are expensive affairs and in today’s economic climate there’s no wonder people are trying to save money everywhere they can. Flowers are probably the easiest area to save money and there’s loads of ways you can do it.
o    If you use the flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding, your bill will be much lower than if you choose flowers that are out of season. The best thing to do is to tell your florist your budget, and be honest; they will be able to create amazing bouquets from even the smallest amounts.
o    Make sure you tell your florist about any themes that you may have decided on and your colour scheme; you should also tell them about any flowers that you absolutely hate and are a definite ‘no’ when it comes to your wedding.
o    Holding a wedding at Christmas, or even Easter, will mean that you can save money on flowers for the church because it will already be decorated; avoid February weddings though because around Valentine’s Day the price of flowers will rocket.
o    If you make big arrangements then the florist can use big flowers that ill fill the piece quicker – it will be just as beautiful but much cheaper.
o    Outside venues in the spring or summer such as a park or garden is a great place to hold a wedding and you won’t need to splash out on flowers at all – other than your bouquet of course – because the trees and plants will be in full bloom.
o    Carnations are probably one of the cheapest flowers you’ll find and with their huge assortment of colours, you’re sure to find one that suits the theme of your day.
o    If you like a challenge then why not try arranging your own flowers? This will dramatically reduce your final cost because all you have to buy are the flowers rather than paying for the handiwork of the florist too.
o    Don’t forget that centrepieces don’t have to be all about the flowers; candles surrounded by petals and vases filled with rocks with a bright Daisy Gerber balancing on the top look just as striking as a full arrangement of flowers.
o    If none of these take your fancy then why not see if your chosen venue has more than one wedding on the same day as yours; if it has then you could always try and come up with an arrangement with the other bride about splitting the cost of the flowers.
Emma Cope writes about how cheap wedding flowers are great for weddings. She wrote this article on behalf of silkblooms.co.uk.