Decorating Tips For A Garden Wedding

Choosing a garden wedding is a great choice, especially in the spring when flowers are blooming or in the fall when leaves are blazing with beautiful colors. Decorating for garden weddings can be quite an easy task as well, since mother nature can provide most of the decorations.

Magnificent Wedding Arches

Although mother nature will provide you with some beautiful decorations for your garden wedding, there are some terrific things you can do to make your special day even more memorable. One thing you can do is to create a beautiful wedding arch. There are many basic arches you can choose to buy and add your own special touches to.
While some people choose to have a simple, basic arch for their garden wedding, others choose to decorate them. There are many ways you can decorate your arch using such items as flowers, ribbons or balloons. You can even match the color of your decorations to the flowers and gowns you choose for your big day.
Wedding arches are quite versatile as well, as they can be placed most anywhere. You may wish to place one at the entrance of your wedding, the entrance to your reception, or you may even wish to place one in such a way so that you and your partner will be standing under it when you speak your vows.

Sparkling Lights

Soft, sparkling lights are great decorating ideas for garden weddings as well. There are many styles of lights for you to choose among including stringed lights or even custom-made wedding lanterns. Not only can lighting add a soft glow to evening weddings, but they can also make your event quite memorable.
There are several ways you can choose to arrange your lights such as stringing them along your wedding arch and decorating nearby trees or bushes. You may also wish to string them along tables at your reception or along the path of the entrance to your wedding.

Live Butterfly Releases

A new and unique way to decorate a garden wedding is by using live butterflies. There are many companies today that will provide you with healthy, live butterflies to make your wedding the most memorable event ever. You and your guests will be sure to remember your special day for many years to come when you choose to decorate with butterflies.
While some people choose to place their butterflies in containers as centerpieces on reception tables, others choose to release them in the air at a certain point during the ceremony. You may also choose to do a combination of both releasing and creating centerpieces if you wish.

Ponds or Fountains

Another great way to decorate a garden wedding is to place floating candles in nearby ponds or fountains. This can create a soft, lovely glow for evening weddings and add a special touch to your ceremony. Add a handful of red rose petals for a beautiful addition when using this decorating idea.
Decorating for a garden wedding can be fun and exciting, and there are many ways to make your special day elegant and memorable. From magnificent arches and sparkling lights to live butterflies and floating candles, there are sure to be some great ways for you to make your wedding day unique.
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