Is IT For Me?

Going to college is a great way to increase your earning potential in life. That being said you will have to pick out a major along the way. It’s not always easy and you probably don’t know exactly what you want to do yet. A little advance research can help you out.  We have looked at jobs in the fields of computer science and graphic design; now let’s look at jobs available with a degree in information technology.
Information technology or IT is solid career choice. Nearly every company in America employs an IT person to one degree or another. Simply put, any business that uses the internet or computers, whether for email or placing orders or anything else can make use of an IT specialist. You might take a little heat since you will probably be viewed as a nerd and people love to complain when something on their computer goes wrong but without you they would be up a creek without a paddle.  Here are some potential jobs.
Computer Specialist
This is a pretty broad category that can find you performing a range of duties. You might provide network support, set up remote portals, maintain servers or implement network security among other things. Simply put, any realm that uses a computer in one way or another can fall into this category. Many IT people like it because it provides a wide and varied range of opportunities on a daily basis.
Web Designer
Much as their name implies web designers develop and maintain websites and web based programs for clients. This is another stable field as nearly every company has a web presence. You need to have a thorough understanding of web based databases as well as knowing how to create them. An eye for design doesn’t hurt either. Additionally you will need to be proficient in web languages such as HTML, XML and  It is also recommended you have a firm grasp of a basic programming language as well.
Also like its name implies programmers program and maintain software. Unlike the above entry who work specifically with web based programing you would work with operating system based software. That being said you may be asked to do a little bit of web work on the side such as designing server software. A programmer needs to be proficient in languages such as C++ and Jaza.
IT is a very technical field that can require a lot of patience. It is one of those jobs that you may need to be on call for in case of a server crash or a system goes down, if you can do it though it is a large field that is fairly easy to find jobs in. Check online masters degrees for available classes.
Jeff Jordan writes in lives in Southern California. He writes about a variety of topics including automobiles and colleges such as Trident University.