Being More Productive At Home

I consider myself quite lucky that I have a job where I can work from home. I have friends who envy me for not having to travel to the office. One or two have expressed a desire to do something similar and have asked me for some pointers. Now, while I can’t claim to be any authority figure on how to run a business from home, there are a few things I can say about decking it out ready for such a venture.

To prepare for working at home I began by making a little space in the corner of one room. Working this way I knew I would need to set up some sort of workspace (the eventual plan is to put in for an extension to make a complete home office) so I began purchasing a slew of equipment and furniture.

The desk was a key feature as it was (and still remains) a focal point of my work. It needed to be large enough to accommodate my computer, printer, some space for folders and – perhaps the selling point for me – enough room to put my cup of coffee down. With the desk came the all important office chair. This was a tough choice to make as I knew I would have to have something comfortable to be sitting in as I typically spend around six or seven hours planted in front of my monitor. So from personal experience be prepared to pay a little extra for something that will stave off any numbness.

Luckily, my job doesn’t require too much storage as the vast majority of my work is done via computer; therefore, the chair and desk have pretty much been the main purchases I’ve needed. With a space to collect my work as well as my thoughts it’s been good to know that I’ve been prepared from day one. Productivity would be my middle name if I could afford to change it.

But there is one other thing that I felt I simply couldn’t do without. Sitting all day long at a computer while my housemate is out for the day can get somewhat lonely and quiet. So I went ahead and purchased a stereo system. My justification for such a splurge was that I felt I could afford a little luxury item to see me through long work days (working from home in my own clothes is still work).

Now whenever I begin my day or even when I’m starting a project off my own bat I can always switch on the radio or put in a CD. True I could just as easily use the computer for music but this method makes me feel a little more privileged.

When she isn’t choosing a CD to play on the hi fi she got from Go Electrical, Suzie Parkes is promising her editor her work will be in on time. After coffee, of course.